locked in, locked out

So after being home alone for what seemed an eternity, my hooman returned and after the loving reunion (which normally consists of me jumping up A LOT) they took me, or at least tried to take me out the back yard for a wee. Several tries later, we were still fiddling with one of the locks that had jammed. 
After several more attempts my hooman decided there was nothing for it other than to throw me out of the window into the yard (this is where I got lucky that they used their brain and threw me out from the GROUND window!) I saw this as a game and instantly raced around the side to the back door and back again to the window - it was great fun although being lifted back in wasn't quite as elegant as my initial jump out!!! Of course my hooman could have quit being lazy and took me out for a proper walk but you know *shrugs*

1 comment:

  1. Great Fun!! Your hooman should have made an hour long game of it!