February 27th 2017

Lou's Review

JR Pet Products Pure Kangaroo 50g

What is it?

A smart looking box containing 9? (ermmm I dunno actually how many as I ate them far too quickly to count) sticks made from nothing but kangaroo (no additives or preservatives)

What was it like?

I might look a little miserable in the pic but that expression is pure 'hurry up so I can start eating' - these are delicious! The box proudly states that they are award winning (P.I.F awards 2015 winner)

Best bites?

They are natural, non-messy and non-smelly but tasty! 

Worst bites?

Quality comes at a price so more a once in a while snack

Would you buy them again?




Begging Rating



February 20th 2017

Lou Reviews

Wagg's mmms Dog Gravy 170g

What is it?

Granules that you mix with water to make a gravy to pour over dry food - it tricks the hoomans into thinking they are fooling you that it is wet food! Hmphh! 

Is it easy to make?

You spoon the granules into a jug and add boiling water until they have dissolved - then add more cold water to make up the volume before allowing it to cool before serving.

What was it like?

I lapped it up quite literally and ate the food to boot, it was quite watery but the second time my PA made this we added less water so it was slightly thicker - I preferred it watery though!

Best Bites?

Makes dry food more appetising

Worst Bites?

The granules look like cardboard!
The food needs to be eaten straight away otherwise the granules soak into the food and make it soft and unedible (I guess for most dogs this will not be a problem!!!)



Would you buy this again?

The container will last us a while - we may use it when the hooman's forget to buy me wet food BOL

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