January 30th 2017

Lou's Review

The Barking Bakery Doggy Popcorn 14g

What is it?

A cone of low-fat cheesy flavoured popcorn made especially for us canines!

What was it like?

I surprised myself by actually liking this, I couldn't get enough of it but the novelty had worn off by the next day and I refused to eat any more!

Best Bites

The packaging is really unique and shouts 'buy me!'

Worst bites


Would you buy it again?

Probably not but that is more a reflection on me than the product!



This a-maize-ing review is not sponsored


January 23rd 2017

Lou's Review

F Duerr & Sons Peamutt Butter 340g

What is it?

A special peanut butter made for dogs with no salt or added sugar but plenty of peanuts (and the dreaded palm oil)
It comes in a plastic pot just like the real McCoy and is foil wrapped for freshness.

What is it like?

OMD! It's REAL peanut butter - tastes like it AND smells like it. I'm in heaven!!!
What's not to like???

Best Points

Smells delicious!

Worst Points

The palm oil leaches out of the paste after standing for some time



This review is not sponsored, I used my own kibble to buy it!


January 9th 2017

Lou's review

Rosewood Woof-Bar 100g

what is it?

A chocolate bar that's safe for dogs but not just any chocolate, this is peanut chocolate!
The packaging is cute and the chocolate comes foil wrapped so it is possible to rewrap it (boo!)

What was it like?

So I make no bones about it, I really HATE so called dog chocolate, it's gross (maybe this is because I have tried the ultimate but frowned upon 'hooman' chocolate*) and I didn't hold out much hope of actually liking this BUTT I have to admit - I loved it!!!
The bar is quite generous and they recommend 2 - 5 pieces a day, it is a delicious amber colour that reminded my hooman of the Caramac bars (remember them?) 

Best Points

It had me fooled into thinking it was REAL chocolate
It is NOT suitable for hoomans (no sharing!)

Worst Points

Ermm? It's not REAL chocolate?

Would you buy it again?

Yes as it is good value for money and came in handy to get my attention for my photo (apparently)


99p for 100g

This is not a sponsored review


* Yes I know it's 'poisonous' to us dogs but you know - smoking, alcohol, drugs (to name but a few!) are supposedly dangerous to hoomans and they still do it! Do as I say, not as I do ...


January 4th 2017

Finally I got my New Year walk along the canal and across the fields ... lots of chasing after tennie balls and getting muddy paws ...


January 1st 2017

So it's the morning after the night before and this non-alcoholic beer certainly has taken its toll, it has kinda become tradition to go out for a New Year walk but today it rained and my hooman decided she is now allergic to winter rain and refused to leave the house.A perfect day for nursing a sore head!

Wishing everyone a happy new year 2017 as here we go again ...

Bottoms Up!!!