December 29th 2016

jumping jack frost

Today I hurt my paw again, I think I snagged my dew claw on some brambles while I was charging after my ball.

Lots of blood BUTT it didn't stop my play.

I was still able to jump that frost covered branch

The only 'regret' was that I slipped arse over tit and my photographer MISSED the shot BOL
Thank Dog!!!


December 25th 2016

day 25 : under the tree

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas

Eat, drink and be merry


December 20th 2016

day 20 : Christmas treets?

Lou's Review

Bakers Allsorts Christmas Edition 140g

What are they?

These are very similar to their normal allsorts but with the edition of a festive star (I'm guessing that is the turkey flavoured one?!?) The treats are pretty pungent, it's a strange sharp smell but I cannot put my paw on it - kinda smokey? Whatever it is, these treats are irresistible even though they are very low in real meat (flavoured with chicken, beef, lamb and of course turkey!)

What were they like?

Merrily I begged for these, I'd be silent all night if these were on paw!

Best bites

Great Christmas twist

Worst bites

Lack of real meat?

Would you buy them again?

I would definitely ask Santa for these!



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December 16th 2016

Day 16 : I've been framed

Paw-made Christmas Gift

This gift is ideal for that one neighbour who dares to complain you bark TOO much

Lets Begin

You will need :

One picture frame (I used 6x4)
Watercolour or other heavy weight paper
Black acrylic/poster paint or black ink pad (non toxic - suitable for children)
Scrap paper (and cardboard if using paint)
Great handwriting OR transfer lettering

How to make it!

Ink Pad version

Press paw into ink and plop it down onto the thick paper.
Release cleanly upwards else your print will smudge.

Paint version

Grab a spare A4 sheet of paper and spread the paint thinly across the surface (spread with a piece of scrap cardboard) and now press your paw into the paint and plop it onto the thick card as above.

All versions

Clean your paw before you do anything else!!!

Now cut out your artwork using the size of your glass as a guide
Either draw around it and cut it out or if you like dicing with death - cut around the glass!
Get an adult hooman to help you - ensure the paw-print is aligned in the centre of your print and leaving enough room to write your name.

Draw a light guide line in pencil where you want your name

Now either write your name with a black marker 
as I did, cut out the transfer letters and arrange them to your liking and using as per instructions.

Now rub out the guide line and frame your print.

Paws to admire your artwork ...

Happy Christmas!!!


December 12th 2016

day 12 : just desserts

Lou's Review

GoodBoy 100 Degradable Christmas Pudding Poo Bags

What are they?

Well lets just say that when you do a #2, your will find that your hooman suddenly develops a strange compulsion to pick up your deposit* and normally they refuse to touch the aforementioned deposit with their bare hands which is where these 'poo bags' come into play.

What are they like?

They are fairly thin, thinner than the usual brand my hooman uses but they will serve the purpose - they come with the usual carrying handle but the most unique thing about the bags is that they are decorated with a Christmas pudding design  AND smell of custard (read vanilla!)

Best points?

The novelty factor!

Worst points?

They are a little see through so maybe not as thick as our normal brand.



This extra festive review is not sponsored, the branding and trademarks belong to their respective owners while the words, pictures and poo belong to me - although you are welcome to steal the shit.


December 3rd 2016

Day 3 : ho ho ho

Lou's Festive Review

Purina Bitesize Christmas Edition Bonio 400g

What are they?

Bite sized biscuits made predominantly with cereals and flavoured with turkey and dried sage that are oven-baked.

What are they like?

Love the fact that they are bite sized,  I've tried Bonio before but wasn't interested in them but these are smaller and at least I was willing to try one or two. They smell of sage and stuffing!

Best Points

Love the festive packaging and the smell of sage!

Worst Points

Biscuits are not my favourite snack!

Would you buy them again?

Next year if they bring out another festive flavour!



This is a non-sponsored review.


December 2nd 2016

Day 2 : pa rum pum pompom

Lets Make a Pompom Wreath

You Will Need :

one mini polystyrene wreath
mini pompoms
glue gun and adhesive sticks
one hooman bean to help put it together

How to Make It :

Tip out the pompoms and marvel in their pompomness

Cover a small portion of the wreath with the hot glue being careful to avoid fur contact - you do not want to be heading to the vets looking like Gnasher (of comic book fame)
Press on the pompoms quite tightly for maximum effect and continue until you have covered the ring.

Now get your ribbon and tie it around the wreath.


Now sit back and admire your finished artwork, whilst running your paw under cold water to soothe the semi-burnt toes and singed fur.
Oh you also have several pompoms stuck there? Just behind your left ear?
See 'em?


December 1st 2016

Blogmas has Begun!!!

Pull on your favourite sweater, light up that fire and sit back to enjoy 24 festive blogs!!!

Day 1 : getting into stripes

This hoody is available to buy from HERE