April 28th 2016

Doing what I do best!

While I admire all those working dogs - herding sheep, catching criminals, sniffing out drugs, helping the deaf, guiding the blind - I have the best job in the whole world!
Chief tennis ball tester ... 


April 16th 2016

all hail King Loueee!!!

It is supposed to be spring. The grass is supposed to be growing, the flowers blooming and the birds are supposed to be singing ... but although we are used to really awful weather here - we didn't expect it to snow this morning or indeed it to hail in the afternoon. 
Never seen anything like this stuff either! It was more like little balls of snow and fell so fast, it actually settled and in places was an inch thick!
Of course while everyone was indoors keeping warm, I was forced outside to brave the shower and boy did it hurt! Ouchies!!!


April 11th 2016

kerb appeal

The story behind this photo, well there isn't one!
Just a wee walk around the block and the PA beginning to panic that we'd reach the front door before we'd got my photo ... who am I kidding?
I'm learning my green cross code ... stop, look and bomb across the road regardless!!!