March 31th 2016

The Great Ball Rescue

So by now you should all know how much I love my tennie balls.

If I lose one, I will spend forever trying to find it and if the worse happens I STILL won't give up

If you are of a nervous disposition please skip this next bit where my PA will list the most common reasons for my tennie ball 'deaths' across the last 5 years ...

Stolen by badgers (rolled down into sett)
 Drowned (RIP waterlogged ball)
Stolen by Mother Nature (damn long unruly vegetation!!!)
Landed in POO (not lost but I was not allowed it afterwards)


Today my ball bounced into the lake - this has a high concrete wall so it looked like another dreaded 'lost' ball but then my PA had a brainwave (a very unusual occurrence, I should add!) 

Ball rescuing device in operation (note the eagerness to remove the ball from danger *sighs*)
They used the new extra long 'running lead' to scoop it out!!!


The lead is absolutely rubbish for it's proper purpose (it clips round your hooman's waist and has an elasticy bit so as not to jar me but all it goes is garrote your hooman in half BOL)

New lead in use - pull that hooman PULL


March 21st 2016

Lou's Review

Sainsbury's The Delicious Collection Beef Pâté 400g

What is it?

A TV style dinner containing beef (60%) brown rice (20%) and vegetables (15%) amongst other stuff I won't list, this dinner can be microwaved in the pot although I tested it cold.
You get a whopping 400g which makes a proper meal rather than those other smaller trays that are a mere mouthful and probably don't even fill up a chihuahua!

What was it like?

I ate it from the tray (saves on washing up for a bachelor like me!) and I think it is delicious!!!

Best Points?

It smells really meaty rather than that awful 'dog food' smell
It is made from British beef, made and packed in the UK which is great from an animal welfare point of view (well should be)

Bad Points

Ermmm ... *wipes mouth*
Let me think ...

Would you buy it again?

YES adding it to my shopping list right now!



Beggin' Rating


This review is not sponsored and all opinions are my own.


March 20th 2016

introducing 'flooring'

I've tried them all, breading, baby-mugging, planking ...
... now I'm introducing the latest craze ... I give you flooring!!!


March 14th 2016 lead

Lou's Review

Hands Free Running Lead
(SimplyShe, Inc, imported by ASDA)

What is it?

This is a 2.1m long florescent lead which has an adjustable strap designed to fit around your hooman's waist (so you can drag them on your run) and an elasticated bungee end to protect our necks (when your hooman is not fit enough to keep up!) 
It will fit hooman's up to waist size 112cm (44in) and dog's weight 27kg (60lb)

What was it like?

Now I have been toying with the idea of CaniX for ages but have always been put off by the cost of the harnesses and leads so this seemed a very cheap alternative - my hooman also does geocaching and thought this would also be handy (pawsome?) to keep me attached to her but allow her to have her hands free too (I tend to wander off while they are searching)
Unfortunately our trial run was a disaster - my hooman found the lead to be VERY uncomfortable around her waist (she is tiny!) and it was literally garroting her even when our paces matched.
She tried using it around her whist but we definitely do not recommend that (a trip to casualty might be in order if you do!)

Best points?

The lead looks the business, the bright colour is great for visibility (but would be better if it was reflective too), the elastic really did work and it seemed pretty strong too.

Bad points?

It's like wearing a cheese wire around your waist - you cannot use this as a normal lead either
(without an awful lot of faffing around)

Would you buy it again?

That's a no!
Love the idea of this and while the elasticated bit is brilliant - the hooman end is damn right awful.
Much prefer using our long training lead which has clips on both ends - one for me and my hooman clips hers onto one of her belt loops!!!



Beggin' Rating

It's a lead, lead means walkies ... lets go ...just not with this one!


This review is not sponsored


March 2nd 2016

for the love of Leo

I dedicate this post to my brother, Leo.

I hope he gets a kick outta me dressed up like him *sighs*

 ... now we are identical twins?!?

Love ya Leo!!!


March 1st 2016


You heard of hangry right?

Well I invented tangry ... getting mad 'cos I'm thirsty
my water bowl is EMPTY

(I know I posted about this before so who else thinks my hooman is slipping?)

King Lou DEMANDS fresh water every day!!!