January 26th 2016

Lou's Review

Little Charlie™ Barkin' Bones 150gm

What are they?

These tiny treats contain lamb (14%), sweet potato (5%), peas (4%) and carrots (4%) amongst other more mundane ingredients that quite frankly I cannot be bothered to list! They are presented in a tub that has a cellophane peep hole so you can actually see what they look like (plus has a treat indication on the side too) and the lid reseals but not that tight so the tub needs to be kept upright.

What were they like?

Despite their size, I didn't even touch these treats - which is a real shame as you get lots and lots and LOTS of them!!!

Best points

My PA thought the packaging stood out from the crowd and liked the humour on the pack (keep these out of reach of Charlie)

Worst points

Not made in the UK

Would you buy them again?

Obviously not but the packet does have a guarantee where you can just bring it back for a refund or an exchange (not sure how this works as these were brought in a supermarket and I can't see them taking them back once they are opened!!!)


£1 trial offer?

Beggin' Ratin'


EDIT : I have since eaten ALL these!!! I guess I'll eat anything when I'm hungry enough BOL

This review is not sponsored, all views are my own and I would suggest giving these a try despite my poor review ... I was feeling fussy!!!


January 24th 2016

spoilt for choice

Hiding out underneath the bed with my babble and my giggle ball!!!


January 22nd 2016

no dust bunnies

Excuse the big rectangle but I felt you wouldn't want to see a close up of my BUTT!!!

I'm trying to get my ball out from under the cabinet but it is just out of reach ...


January 21st 2016

phug life

Does this remind you of a certain piccy from Blogmas?

New 'pug' duvet cover and I was supposed to pose again BUT I had other ideas and wanted to play instead ...


January 19th 2016

happy dance

Finally the hooman took me out into the sunshine, no long walk today but I did get to do what I like doing best - playing ball!!! The experts say a 10 minute play is as good as a walk anyywayys BUT I am not sure that applies to my EPIC walks!!!

This is my happy dance, I chase after the ball and dance with it, then chase around in large circles (this is not to be confused with the 'mad five minutes' or the 'zoomies' as is not done at any greater speed than a normal run)

Unfortunately our memory card is nearly full so we never got any film footage (even the phone decided it didn't want to work grrrrr)

Maybe next time!!!


January 18th 2016

Lou's Review

Webbox 4 Black Pudding Sticks

What are they?

These dark sticks are like cigars for dogs! Made from 60% meat (only 14% is 'rich in pork' though) and must be good (smelly) as my hooman refused to touch them!

What are they like?

I absolutely loved these!

Best Points

Very tasty indeed, I am loving the Webbox treats at the moment!

Worst Points

They are rather smelly which put my hooman PA off them.

Would you buy them again?

Yes, yes ... yes ...



Beggin' Rating


This review is not sponsored


January 14th 2016


Oh how our hearts beat with joy* at the news that it is
National Dress Your Pet Up Day today!!!

I think this is the most stupid idea that I ever heard and it is about time the hoomans  quit messing around with US so I have invented The National Dress Up Your Hooman Day ...

... although I think someone beat me to it BOL



January 11th 2016

Lou's Review

Webbox Chicken and Rice Dumbells 100gm

What are they?

These are rice sticks with a chicken dumbbell made with 55% chicken. 

What are they like?

I did not like the rice/rawhide stick (I am not a fan of those brightly coloured stick treats you can buy) but took great delight in biting off the chicken dumbbell part!!!

Best Point

The chicken bit

Worst Point

The cheap rice stick bit ... bleurghhhhhh

Would you buy them again?




Beggin' Rating


I think half marks is fair since I only liked 'half' of the product!

This review is not sponsored and all opinions are my own


January 6th 2016

Eating Bertie

So if the hooman is dumb enough to leave sweets on the floor, I'm gonna pretend to 'accidently' roll my tennie ball towards the box and 'accidently' knock them all over the floor!

10 second rule ... they're mine now!!!

Except it turns out that these are liquorice allsorts that I don't seem keen on ...

... licked them than stuffed 'em back in *grins*


January 5th 2016

no water!!!

So my hooman and I are home (almost) alone when suddenly it sounds like there is someone sneezing downstairs!
My hooman calls me before going down to investigate - although I am totally oblivious as it is ME downstairs and the 'sneeze' was me pushing my EMPTY water bowl around the kitchen!

After patiently waiting for my photo to be taken - I got my fresh water ... finally!!!


January 4th 2016

Lou's Review

Post seasonal special

WobbleWag Giggle Ball

What is it?

This is a medium sized plastic ball that has three tubes running through it that emit a giggling sound when the ball is played with, it also has 6 pockets that allow it to be picked up and carried.

What is it like?

OMD! This is the best fun ever, it is like my favourite squeaky tennie balls combined with a squeaky soft toy so all the fun but none of the destruction! 
I love it and have played with it every day - it took me a day or so to learn I could carry it and now I take it everywhere (even try to take it on walks but I'm not allowed)

Best Points

This is solid and unbreakable.

Worst Point

Because it is solid, this is quite noisy when I bash it into the walls etc 
(that is only a problem for my neighbours I think!!! *shrugs*)

Would you buy it again?

This was a gift but it is the best toy ever so I would definitely buy this again!!



Begging Rating


Destuff the Fluff???

The fluff in the picture is from the quilt.
Let me explain - my favouite game is to bury this ball under the quilt and dig it out again - I screw the quilt up in my efforts and I have now managed to rip the duvet cover, the quilt and the pillows in my enthusiasm. 


January 3rd 2016

must dash

One of the hooman's silly Christmas presents was a pack of beards and moustaches, which after they tried them on tonight, one managed to get stuck to my paw!

Meet Lou, the ginger ninja!!!

(strictly speaking this is a beard not a must-dash but give me some poetic licence!)