December 29th 2015

Freezing my butt off!

SALES SHOPPING in the pet shop, except there were not any deals that interested me ... so I decided to stage a sit-in instead - yep, right on the chest freezers!!!

Not the brightest idea!


December 28th 2015

Lou's Review

Post-seasonal review!

Pedigree Rodeo with chicken 140g

What are they?

These are two toned, twisty chews made with vegetable, meat and animal derivatives (Isn't meat animal?) that include 4% chicken. You get 8 in the packet.

What were they like?

I love these, I have to admit I have had them before but not to review, I got the Pedigree gift tin for Christmas and these were one of four varieties that came in the pack.

Best point

I like them! You get lots in the pack!

Worst point

How can they call them chicken with a miserly 4%???
(other brands also do this so not picking on Pedigree)

Would you buy them again?

Already have


Part of gift pack that was £5 but I think they are normally around £1

Begging Rating


This review is not sponsored, we used our own hard earned cash to buy this product.
All text and pics belong to me and all trademarks belong to them.


December 25th 2015

Day 25 : Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas to all my readers, hope you all have a really special day.

A special thank you to H and JKWE for their gifts, I love them and my hooman says to thank you for her pressies too. Love you guys xx


December 24th 2015

Day 24 : I believe

Merry Christmas to all our readers, hope your day is the best ever and your hooman's remember to save you some turkey (or veggie alternative)

Making a decorated plate for Santa Paws

This is a really easy project and took less than 10 minutes to complete!

You will need to sniff out : 

Porcelain markers or Sharpie pens
A plain side plate (be sure to lick it clean)
A beaker and some milk (resist the milk, it's for Santa)
A cookie (a biscuit but cookie always sounds more festive!)
A carrot

I made this, this a way :

Now with the help of your owner, find somewhere nice and warm to sit while you watch them do all the work. Get them to write a message around the rim of the plate saying how wonderfully good you've been (my hooman never bothered to draw this out first as you can tell by the obvious addition of the tiny DEAR as an after thought BOL)
Next get them to draw around the glass, freestyle a cookie (or bone shape) and finally a carrot.

Now leave it someplace where Santa will find it and place the milk, cookie and carrot where indicated.

(hint : do not leave any place your hoomans might STEAL the food and drink)

Just a word of warning that this plate is intended as decoration only - the sharpie pens will wash off in hand hot water and as with the porcelain markers - check the makers instructions as many brands do not claim to be food safe.


December 22nd 2015

Day 22 :

(sorry will edit this properly but so pooped and way too much to do)


December 17th 2015

Day 17 : Rudolf

Making Rudolf the Reindeer Pupcakes

You will need to sniff out ...

1 cup rice flour (or plain/all purpose)
1 cup shredded carrots
1 banana
1 large egg
1/3 cup porridge oats
1/3 peanut butter
1/4 cup vegetable oil
1/4 cup honey
tsp baking powder (soda)
1 tsp pure vanilla extract
2 tubs soft low-fat cheese for the frosting
treats for decorations

How to make them!

Sit on the kitchen floor (or balance on a kitchen stool if you want a better view) and watch while your hooman switches the oven on at 170 C, now bark at them to mix all the wet ingredients together in a bowl and then add the dry ingredients and mix really really well. How easy is this huh!

Now you need to supervise while your hooman spoons the yummy mixture into the pupcases and places them into the oven (stand well back for that manoeuvre)

Bake them for 15-20 minutes - this is YOUR moment to shine as you should go sit and watch them bake and bark a warning if you see them beginning to burn.
If your oven doesn't have a light then you'll just have to rely on the fire alarm sounding.

Decorating your pupcakes

This bit is the best part!

Whine at your hooman to streak a line of peanut butter along the inside of the piping bag, then fill it full of the soft cheese and pipe onto the cakes (they will hopefully give it a two-tone effect) or as in our case - make the reindeer look like they have mange BOL

Finally snap a milk bone biscuit in half and insert onto the cake to represent antlers, use carob drops for the eyes OR use a meaty chew snipped up into rounds.

We added a tiny red nose (hooman grade) for that extra naughtiness but you could use another carob drop instead.



December 14th 2015

Day 14 : Holiday Cookies

Lou's Review

Seasonal Special

Morrisons Snowy Paws 100g

What are they?

Oven baked, paw shaped biscuits, which contain cereals, oils and fats, derivatives of vegetables, additives (I have not listed any of them) and minerals. 

What are they like?

These cookies are actually larger than MY own paws,  they smell a little bit like milk biscuits (and thankfully not smelly paws!) They were brought as a decoration for my egg nog drink the other day  and I half munched that one as it tasted like the drink. Today I was quite interested in them but although I tried one, it remains uneaten.

Best Points

Despite their larger than life size, they are easy to break up into smaller pieces - I liked the design and have not seen anything like it to date.
They come in a zip-lock bag to help keep them fresh.

Worst Point

The size?

Would you buy these again?

No, I seriously need to stop reviewing biscuits or at least smother them in peanut butter first BOL



Begging Rating

5 paws

Loved the packaging and the biscuit design but these were just not my cup of liquorice tea (don't ask!)

This review is not sponsored


December 11th 2015

'Tis the Season

This is me kinda looking like The Grinch or a far less festive Incredible Hulk.

But I am here to remind you that now is the season to prepare your brussel sprouts ready for Christmas day ... best get cutting them crosses and boiling them little blighters to within an inch of their lives. You don't want soft sprouts now, do you???


December 10th 2015

Day 10 : Egg Nog

So if you haven't guessed it by now, we are totally winging this blogmas malarkey and today, inspiration was in very short supply - until my hooman had a brain wave ... egg nog for dogs!!!

Now egg nog is not widely drunk over here so we used broogle and came across a few dog safe recipes (ones with no alcohol!) and used 3 ingredients blended together.

To make our version of egg nog you just need a tub of thick yogurt (we used 500ml of Greek yogurt) blended with one whole egg and a jar of baby food ... yeah you read that right, baby food (we used a 200ml jar of yellow-coloured turkey flavoured dinner)

I loved it!



December 7th 2015

Day 7 : Get Stuffed!

Lou's Review

Seasonal Special

Hero Select festive favourites variety pack 3x150g

What are they?

3 x 150gm trays including chunks in gravy with duck, pate with turkey and mousse with game with no artificial colours or flavours and added vitamins and omega fatty acids to maintain skin and a shiny coat.

What are they like?

Duck in gravy

Nice meaty chunks in gravy - demolished this in seconds and even cleaned out the tray. My hooman says it smells OK for wet dog food!

Pate with turkey

This is the more typical 'tray' meal - a more solid food that smells exactly like the duck in gravy one!
Again I loved it and tried to eat the tray as well!

Mousse with game

My hooman said this looked like cheap dog food would do - pretty bland looking, with little texture and it smelt strangely like tuna! I still loved it.

Best Point

Loved the presentation - great price point!

Worst Point

Ermmm ... can't think of anything ... they are too small?

Would you buy this again?

Ermm already have but now the store only have cat ones in (not cat flavour - ones for cats ... geez!!!)



Begging Rating

This review is not sponsored


December 1st 2015

It's Blogmas!!!

If you don't know what blogmas is, it begins at the start of December and goes on for 25 days and is when a blogger posts at least once a day and the post is dedicated to Christmas!!!

Day 1 : Deck the Halls

Today I decorated my Christmas tree using REAL tennis balls and garlands made from REAL dog biscuits ...