November 30th 2015

Lou's Review

Seasonal Special

Webbox DreamBone Duck & Cranberry x2

What are they?

These are rawhide free bones made from cereals, chicken and duck MAD (meat and animal derivatives) etc ... 

What are they like?

A very tasty alternative to the 'dreaded' rawhide, I liked them!

Would you buy them again?

Obviously these are seasonal but we will look out for them again next year!



Beggin' Rating


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November 24th 2015

missing the parade

There was a parade through town tonight but by the time my hooman remembered, it was pretty much too late and they knew it would be over - but luckily for me - they decided to risk it!!!

We never saw the parade but I got an impromptu walk so lose win BOL

There is a smiley face somewhere on this picture (you might have to enlarge it, to see it ...)


November 23rd 2015

Lou's Review

Seasonal Special

Armitage Good Boy I'm dreaming of Festive Squeakers this Christmas

What is it?

A vinyl toy in the festive shape of a reindeer (not Rudolf) which squeaks 

What is it like?

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy ... it SQUEAKS ... 'nuff said!!!

You want more? Ermm it squeaks which sends me into instant 'toy killer' mode and I found the hat, antlers and hooves very handy (pawsome?) places to get a grip to chew it to pieces.
Seriously I had this bad boy destroyed in record breaking time!
(that is not a criticism as my hooman knew it'd be destroyed and supervised me the whole time I was playing with it)

Best Point

It looks so cute and it squeaks well too

 Worst Point

It is not tough enough to withstand small dog chewing

Would you buy this again?

Yes as someone has to wipe the smug grin off these reindeer's faces BOL


A bargaintastic £1

Begging Rating

7 out of 10 (lost points as just not durable enough)

Lou's Summary

All in all a great Christmas gift, it is not very durable but the price reflects this ... it also makes a very good jigsaw if any one has half a mind (and a tube of glue!!!)


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November 18th 2015

No hot water

Now don't worry ... I'm not about to have a bath (although believe me I get enough of 'em)

This is a 'life post' where I keep a record of stuff that happens or as in this case, goes wrong!



November 17th 2015

Give us a Swirl!!!

Kinda looks like the face of an owl???
(Oh and just for the record this is my chest not my nether region)

What do you think???

First one to say 'two p*ss holes in the snow' gets a slap upside da head BOL


November 16th 2015

Lou's Review

Christmas Special

Good Boy Chewy Steaks with Turkey and Cranberry 90gm

What are they?

These are firm, flat strips made with chicken and turkey breast meat with a festive twist of cranberry!

What are they like?

OMD! These are amazing!!! I ate them so fast that they never touched the sides!

Best Points

They contain 100% meat (they are not 100% TURKEY meat though as the front of the packaging suggests!!!) and are delicious because of it!!! Love the packaging, very seasonal and as I'm not that keen on Good Boy products (remember the advent calendar?) these were a welcome surprise!

Worst Points

Ermm ...


Think we paid about £2

Beggin' rating


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November 12th 2015

Off the beaten track

So after last week's crap weather, today it was sunny enough to promote my hoomans to declare it was WALKIES time ... epic walkies ... 


November 11th 2015


A while ago I typed about the decking being repainted ...
... but someone has already ruined the finish by jumping up at the wall.

I wonder who on earth that could be?


November 9th 2015

Lou's Review

Three Dog Bakery All-Natural Classic Cremes 
Golden Wafers Flavoured With Peanut Butter Filling 368g

What are they?

These are life-sized Oreo look-alike 'golden wafers' (custard creams?) for dogs, made with natural ingredients and flavoured with a peanut butter filling (2%)

What are they like?

So I don't do biscuits BUT these smell delicious and look so similar to hooman biscuits that I was fooled and ate them straight away ... I was even excited before the packet was opened as that peanut butter smell is great.

Best point

A really pretty looking product that smells great.

Worst Point

These come in a single large tray covered in cellophane, we think they could be improved by having three separate packets to help maintain the freshness. 36 biscuits means these should last me a whole month but will they not go damp?

Would you buy them again?

These are going to last me a long time but yes definitely!


Pretty expensive at £4 but you get a lot (36 cookies)

Begging Rating

9 paws

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November 7th 2015

Birthday haul!!!

Look what I got for my Birthday!!!
(If you think I don't look impressed, I'm trying my hardest to ignore that cake)

Thank you to Hattie and JKWE

(I did get a piece of the cake in the end!)


November 6th 2015



Errmm can you guess how old I am???


No clues needed huh!!!

This photograph has been at least two years in the planning.
Normally I just pose with my Birthday cards but my hooman has had their eye on this particular road marking for obvious reasons. It has recently been repainted as if someone knew!!!

NB This number is in a private car park not on a road.


November 5th 2015

glow in the dark

So it is fireworks night and my hooman decided I should ALSO be lit up but in my case, for safety reasons.
I think they assumed that I would suddenly become scared of the bangs and run off - and the blue UFO thing would make it easier for them to spot me.

Yep right.


November 3rd 2015

top monster

Went shopping they did, said they'd bring me a present they did ...

... ... have YOU hugged a monster today???


November 1st 2015

Just sit still?!?

Sometimes my pictures are a bit spontaneous, other times it's more a case of just taking something ... anything ... and tonight was one of those times.

Why da h*ll am I on this wall???