September 29th 2015

Dog Bed?

This fabric was brought to make a dog bed with *stifles giggles*



September 28th 2015


So this morning, dead early, at 3am - my hooman decided they had to go outside and watch the eclipse of the moon. Imagine the scene if you will ... pitch black, my hooman sat in one of the garden chairs (in just pyjamas) with me laying spread eagled on my back, on their lap, watching the moon.

Eventually they seemed to get bored, the eclipse (although amazing) was a bit like watching paint and we went back to bed. Until my hooman decided to get  AGAIN at 4am (when this pic was taken) to see if anything had happened. I'd grown wise to this and left them too it while I returned to the warmth of the bedroom. My hooman took this pic of me on their return to bed.

Did you watch the eclipse?


September 21st 2015

Lou's Review

MyPets Dog Reflective Coat

What is it?

This is a fluorescent jacket with reflective strips with velcro fastenings for around your girth.

What was it like?

The material is quite thin so this is definitely more of a safety jacket than a winter coat, it fitted quite well, considering the price, and made a brown dog stand out like a sore thumb amongst the fallen autumn leaves! This is great when I wandered away from my hoomans out on my walk.

Would you buy it again?

It is a bargain so definitely.



Begging Rating

(I can't eat it or play with it so no marks)

* Well worth the price and although I gave it no marks, I would recommend you get one as anything that helps you stand out is a bonus in the autumn/winter months

This review is not sponsored


September 18th 2015

bad fur do!

I posted a pic a few days ago of me itching by butt, well this is more of the same.

My fur needs a good ol' brushing now to straighten it out!

Not sure what is causing my discomfort, been deflea-ed recently and the only give away is my skin is very dry and flaky.


September 17th 2015

In a flap!


Look what I got today in the post!

Thank you for my surprise JKWE x



September 7th 2015

Lou's Review

TJM Tuff Woof  Floatables ball

Not reviewed or taste tested anything for a few weeks so when this toy came my way I just couldn't resist testing it out!

What is it?

A giant rubber ball with a handy handle (excuse the lame attempt at a pun) which is durable and floats. 

What was it like?

Couldn't wait to get stuck in with this, after all it's no secret that I LOVE balls of all shapes and sizes (no innuendo in that remark either!!!) and it was great fun! It bounces really well and
the handle allows me to carry it back easily to my slaves hoomans.
It is supposed to be tough and the rubber is quite thick (approx 3mm) but it certainly isn't indestructable (you can see I have already made holes in mine!) which to be fair is stated on the packaging (they state it is primarily for interactive play so you would be supervised. Right!)
It also says it is bite resistant ... ermmm ... no comment!!!

Would you buy it again?

Despite the now rather large hole in mine, it is still put to good use so I don't see much need to buy another one BOL

Begging Rating



Only available from discount store Home Bargains


This review is not sponsored and the trademarks belong to their respective owners.
The photos belong to me and I have sharp teeth!


September 4th 2015

wet willy

So after being stuck indoors for two days cleaning, we have finally broken out of the house for a 'proper' walk.

The past few days have seen our weather go from nice and sunny to dull and overcast with LOTS of rain showers.

Today though, started off with the promise of a better day with sun and blue skies (sky?) but boy, did it turn out to be chilly!
Had to keep the hooman warm by getting them to throw my tennis ball!

Still not cold enough NOT to swim though!!!

Never to cold for that!


September 3rd 2015

Take a chill pill?!?

I look totally p*ssed off in this picture and quite rightly so ... for seconds before I was in the land of nod, and in prime position, on the hooman bed.


Someone remembered that a photo of me hadn't been taken and thus I was dragged, limb from limb* out of the bed, and forced to pose next to this snowman of all things!

No wonder I look so cross!!

Although apparently, snow has been forecast for this weekend ... hmpfff ... won't believe that until I see it. 


Love ya and leave ya, I'm off back to bed before I lose my hot spot!!!

*slight exaggeration (poetic licence)


September 2nd 2015

out with the old

Now this clearing out business has me confused.

It seems it just involves moving stuff from one room to another and then either putting it back or dumping it into boxes (yep you've guessed it - in yet another room!)

Weird huh?

I'm looking worried as I'm sitting on the junk pile.


September 1st 2015

Having a ball!

One thing I love is popping open a new tube of hooman-grade tennie balls.

These come sealed with not only a plastic lid, but also a rather satisfying metal pull top (like on a tin of food) which my hooman pulls for me - releasing that all important 'new ball smell' into the air!

Next my hooman reseals it, with just the plastic lid, and it's playtime! Now it should be simple to get at the balls, the lid presents no problem at all but the tube itself  has a metal rim which by the time I have carried the tube off somewhere quiet - I have more often or not, unintentionally, dented that ring of steel and thus the balls cannot escape!!!