August 28th 2015

keeping my ear and eye open

No one, but no one, is gonna steal MY ball 'k ...


August 27th 2015

The Wrong Scarf

So after being left home alone ALL day, all I got was this rotten scarf.

So the scarf isn't really rotten you understand.
It's a Wallace and Gromit one.


August 26th 2015

I found my sunnies

The BIG clean up has begun, starting in the craft room (come junk room and general dumping ground, hence the need for a sort out!) and LOOK what we found in a bag of Halloween stuff ... my sunnies.

Been looking for these for a while ... cool huh?


August 24th 2015

running from the storm

No recipe or review today as it was a late finish for my hooman and I still needed to be walked.

All was fine until these rain clouds appeared and then it started to thunder.

We were caught out by the rain but managed to avoid the worst of the storm by running home and sheltering under the trees along the way!


August 21st 2015

feeling foxy

My hooman is all prepared to go fishing and I'm making sure I don't get left behind!


August 18th 2015

Left on the shelf

OMD! Why on earth is this being published?

LOOK at ME, just look at me ... geez!

If looks could kill


August 17th 2015

Lou's Review

Banana Pupcakes

What are they?

Banana and honey muffins topped with cream cheese and we added a shop-brought treat

What are they like?

Another easy to make recipe (find it HERE) which made around 16 good sized muffins, sadly ours got stuck to the paper cases and the texture was rather heavier than we expected. I think my hooman was more impressed with the flavour of these than I was but the one bit I LOVED was the icing (we used half the quantity of the cream cheese and just added the honey omitting the yoghurt and the flour)

Would you buy make these again?

I think my hooman would give these ago again, if only to see if baking them in a greased muffin tin would make any difference than baking them in the papercases.


I think everything was about £4 although we had a few bits in already

Begging Rating


Full credit for this recipe goes to the author of
The photos remain the property of ME and I have SHARP teeth!


August 15th 2015

Duh-dum, duh-dum, duh-dum-duh-dum

Never mind stay out of the water, this shark can walk the walk!

Best stay off the shingle too ... 


August 14th 2015

In the land of Nod

First rule of being a dog - bag the best spot on the bed!



August 10th 2015

Lou's Review

Blueberry Cookies 

We randomly search for these 'review' recipes and spotted these cute looking 'muddy paws' and it wasn't until we'd tested out the recipe that we realised they were again from Two Little

What are they?

These are easy to make cookies made from flour (we used rice flour) water, eggs and a smidgen of runny honey topped with the added goodness of blueberries.

What were they like?

The recipe was very simple to make (find it HERE) and my slave did not need to use all the liquid to make the dough, you can sort of tell when it is ready! The dough was really smooth and so easy to roll up into the balls which we squashed onto the greaseproof paper before pressing in the blueberries firmly.
My hooman 'undercooked' the cookies slightly as I don't 'do' hard biscuits so removed them from the oven a few minutes after they started browning on top. I ate the first one but wouldn't touch any more. Boy! I'm so fussy!

Would you buy make them again?

My slave says no as although they were super cute, easy to make and with the added bonus of having only a few ingredients, they wouldn't because of ME not liking them!


About a £1 for the blueberries

Begging Rating

4/5 for cuteness!


August 7th 2015

Can do attitude

After losing the last of my beloved tennis balls yesterday, my hooman brought me some brand new, sparkly* clean and bright luminous green tennis balls - so how did I say thank you?

By taking one outside and playing in the dirt with it of course!!!


No longer green, more mud coloured, my hooman dropped it inside this watering can so I couldn't bring it into the house and get everywhere muddy.


*obviously 'sparkly' is a slight exaggeration!


August 3rd 2015

$peedy $poils

So none of this is for me right?
Not even the Snoopy??

Not even the Dollar bill???

These are the gifts brought for my hooman for looking after the 'it's so fluffy!' houseguest.

Cool huh?

Maybe I'll get a 'it's so tiny' piece of chocolate?!?