April 29th 2015

Quite contrary

So I didn't WANT to pose today ... I refused to sit where I was asked or look at the camera.

Quite contrary indeed!

What's growing? Runner beans to the left, then cucumbers and peas on the far right.


April 28th 2015

wishful thinking

The guinea pig went to the vets today to have it's teeth trimmed so my hooman went to the petshop to see what treats they could find for the pig to gnaw ...
... meanwhile I checked out the squeaky tennis balls on the dog ailse!


April 27th 2015

Lou's Review

Webbox Porky Hide mini bones

 What are they?

A pack of 7 mini bones made from 100% beef and pork hide with added colours and flavours,, suitable for dogs over 6 months.

 What are they like?

Well these are not gonna break the trade descriptions act as they are indeed mini shaped bones, they come in two colour ways and I'm guessing (being a dog of the world) that the brown one represents beef and the red signifies the 'sizzling' bacon flavour. 

I was whining throughout the official photograph as I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into them and I wasn't disappointed - they are just my size - although there were a couple of times where I choked as I was trying to chew them up too fast.
(there is a warning on the packet that these should NOT be fed unsupervised)

Would you buy these again?

I liked these and my hooman likes them as they keep me quiet
Not quite sure what they mean? Quiet???



Begging Rating


This review is not sponsored, we paid for this product with hard, cold cash!
All trademarks belong to the respective owners and the pictures belong to ME.


April 23rd 2015

A leg up

Walking by this old farm building meant PHOTO OPPORTUNITY!

Love how my leg is up on the brick!


April 22nd 2015


Went to the vets today for a check up and past!

Then tested my eye to mouth coordination ...
... do you think I past???


April 21st 2015

dusty bluebells

So my hooman nearly forgot about the bluebells, we were taking a walk up near them and they suddenly remembered they'd promised a return visit and wallah!!!

The display was not as vibrant as other years, but the extra mile was worth it!!!

This is me laughing my arse off at my hooman who'd sat down on this very tree trunk and promptly fallen straight through it bahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa

(edit : not a weight issue ... the wood was rotten)

Still funnneeeeeee though!!!


April 20th 2015

Lou's Review

Bob Martin Spring Poop Scoop Bags

What are they?

Ermmm bags the hooman's use for picking up our poop with. Yep you heard me right.

What were they like?

Look. I gotta be honest here, I find the whole process of the hooman beans picking up poop totally and utterly revolting ... I mean if I go so much as a leads length near another dog's poop I get pulled away swiftly but it is 'perfectly acceptable' for those same hoomans to then want to play with mine.

Huh? What is UP with THAT???

So what I'm trying to say is I dunno if these bags work or not, as I am far too busy trying to save my hoomans the embarrassment of other dog owners staring at them and thinking they are CRAZY, by trying to pull them away from my shit. There I said it ... S H I T!!!


I guess they must work as I never heard any swearing or nuttin' *shrugs*

Would you buy them again?

The hoomans have control of the household expenses so I guess they would - they might want to play with my poop but they don't want to actually touch it if you get what I mean! Personally, I'd rather save up those pennies and spend them on something decent like a Ferrari or something.


£1 too much

Begging Rating

Get real! No dog has a need for these!

This review is not sponsored


April 18th 2015

nearly rich

So it's that time of the year again when the media get all excited over the rare Princess ty bear - which prompts my hooman to get excited too and several moments (and a LOT of swearing later) they return downstairs trumphant - waving said object in the air.

Except on closer inspection, our version isn't very rare at all.
 Nor was it last time or the time before ... but they have to dig it out and check it anyywayys.

Just in case ... maybe next time *yawns*

That's if I don't get to it first *rubs paws together*


April 13th 2015

Lou's Review

Asda Hero Rashers 100gm

What are they?

These are bacon rasher-shaped snacks that look surprisingly realistic, well when compared to another hooman type 'crisp' snack! They feel quite (for want of a better word) rubbery but not in a bad way. They are cereal based and the packaging didn't specify the meat content but did contain smoke oil for an authentic 'bacon' smell.

What were they like?

These were very tasty - so tasty in fact - that I tried to eat them before the official photograph had been taken! That didn't go down too well with my hooman *winks* But it did go down well with me!!! I loved these and the packet hasn't lasted that long, which is a sure sign they are GOOD!!!

Would you buy them again?

If I was allowed in the supermarket I would, but as they bar dogs for 'hygiene' reasons I guess I can't can I??? Well unless I befriend a helpful guide dog of course!
Seriously, I would get these again - can't wait to try some of the other products in their range!



Begging Rating

5 Paws!!!

This review is not sponsored and all trademarks remain the property of whoever owns them.
The photographs remain MY property.


April 12th 2015

Tree's company

Took a walk up to see the bluebells but we were a little too early and only a few were in bloom.
(just checked and we did the same thing last year!!!)
So no picture of me in them as we'd planned but we did spot this rather cool, hollow log which I chased down after my tennis ball - until I decided I needed a well earned rest inside BOL

 Bluebell just beginning to open

A common dog violet which we found growing on the way home in profusion


April 9th 2015

Giz a bunk-up!

Had a great adventure today, managed to lose my ball into the canal three times

Anyone would think I was doing it on purpose - especially when I gave my best Oscar-winning helpless dog act. My hoomans fell for it every time

Only a pity they didn't FALL in too.
Now that would have been funny (for me at any rate!)

Now I sound like the bad guy here, right?

Well listen up ...

The first time I had them climbing down the bare, steep bank to rescue me, I'd got in but couldn't jump out again, they had to first grab my tennis ball (not easy as I refuse to leave it behind but tend to drop it back in on being pulled out so best to wrestle it off me) to throw up the bank, before they could grab my collar - although the excitement of the ball being thrown helped me find the energy to get out myself BOL

On the second occasions, I'd got into the canal and had got stuck AGAIN.
But this time when I'd run down the bank after my ball, I'd disturbed a grass snake that raced (?) away into the canal. My hooman saw this and grabbed their camera - far more interested in taking pictures of it - than rescuing ME.

grass snake

violets in full bloom

rape just beginning to flower


April 6th 2015

Lou's Review

HiLife Pets Pantry Meaty Medley Treats with chicken

What are they?

These are a mixed bag of soft, meaty treats and sausage pieces made from vegetable derivatives and meat/animal derivatives (chicken 4%) with smoky flavour

What were they like?

Despite their 'cheap' appearance they were actually rather good!

Would you buy them again?

Ermm ... I ate them so I guess, maybe.



Begging Rating


This review is a medley of trademarks belonging to their respective owners and my photos and text


April 5th 2015

another brick in the wall ...

 Happy Easter to all my readers!

Go hassle your hooman for some chocolate
(OK the chocolate might be bad for you but who knows, it might shame them into giving you something betters!!!)

We went out on a walk today and covered quite a distance, saw some awesome things like these lifesized lego bricks and this super scary scarecrow ... yikes!!!

real crows (poor things!)


April 2nd 2015

feeling lean?

After yesterday's shenanigans, is it me or am I leaning to one side?

I think I was trying to stop the sun from getting in my eyes
(most pics of me today show me squinting BOL)

Spent the day in the garden, instead of the planned walk, but got a lot done.
 Plants repotted, a general clean up - although we discovered the fig tree (featured in a potd earlier) had not survived the winter


April 1st 2015

up 2 mischief

Got to LOVE April Fool's Day!!!
Trawling through the papers and online to spot the pranks ...

Phone App by T Mobile

Learn Dog with Rosetta Stone

And my personal fave (and wish it were real)

Petco's selfie stick
 (click on the link for the video and 'sales pitch')

Happy Pranking blog readers!!!

Now go Press F13