February 28th 2015

Do you believe ...

... in fairies?

Nah, neither do I but can't help thinking they'd love all this moss if they did exist!!!


February 24th 2015

baking biscuits

Did you know it was National Dog Biscuit Day yesterday? Huh?!?

Nope ... neither did I until I spotted a post on FB that told me just that!!!

Now think about that a minute




Wait? What!!! National Dog Biscuit Day and it's treated like a national secret???

(anything to stop US from having fun!!!)

The plus point in all this, is it inspired my hooman
(who is also doing a POTD challenge - see below)
to go out and buy all the ingredients to make me these little beauties
(with MY help of course BOL)

Now I have made it clear before that 'I don't do biscuits' and I certainly wasn't impressed by the raw mixture (even if my hooman thought the dough was quite tasty but would need more sugar for the hooman palate BOL) but I'm happy to report that after they were baked, I did eat a few ... 


February 23rd 2015

Lou's Review
Garfield & Odie Pets Club Garfield Dog Toy with Rope

What is it?

A durable nylon tugger toy with integrated rope toy and squeaker

(see my shadow?)

What was it like?

Quite the biggest dog pull toy I have ever seen (it is about 2ft long!) I couldn't wait to get my teeth (and claws?) into this and proceeded to take it upstairs where I took the business of testing it to the limits. The packaging states that it is not indestructible and I proved that right by ripping out the stuffing and killing the squeak!!! Shame I lost interest in it after the squeak died, but I guess I would play with it still if my hooman interacted with me!

Would you buy it again?

The toy has lost its squeaker and thus most of it's appeal, but it is still in pretty good nick considering I was left unattended with it (just a few small holes) The toy does seem good quality so we probably would buy it again.



Begging Rating



February 18th 2015

bargain bangers!!!

Old Christmas stock which scanned through the checkouts at 2p so we went back for more!!!


February 16th 2015

Lou's Review
Applaws Natural Dog Food with chicken & vegetables 150g

What is it?

A small foil tray containing pate made from chicken (31%) pork (19%) vegetables (carrots & peas both 8%) turkey (4%) and fish (4%) with vitamins and minerals.

What was it like?

Ermm I ate it so fast I can't remember except I liked it!

Ermm do you know it's rude to speak with your mouth full?

It is? Maybe to a hooman but not to another dog and besides, I'm typing, not talking.

Would you buy it again?



95p but we have seen them cheaper!

Begging Rating



February 15th 2015

barkin' on the wrong tree

OMD! First epic walk of the year - I was out for over 3 hours!!!

Great fun exploring uncharted waters and rediscovering long lost routes.

We heard a woodpecker, but I was SOOOO excited that I barked too much and we never managed to sneak up on it - although we think we spotted its 'art work'

 I hung around in a tree - like you do ...

... jumped over the stream ...

AND then I got stuck in the river.

Seriously!!! The shame *shrugs*

You see I dropped my ball into the river, something I've done time and time again, but my hooman's were impatient and were wandering off (don't you just HATE that?) so I had to try to play and keep up with them thus I dropped my ball into a steep bit of the river I didn't know.
I then struggled to get out - I guess I was just too pooped after my long walk/jump/catch/race and eventually had to be rescued by my hooman but then insisted on going back in to get my ball (this time on my lead so I could be pulled out BOL)


February 13th 2015

whining in the rain

An unfair title me thinks, I was NOT whining,
I was just looking miserable as I hate standing on the gravel
(although it WAS actually raining!!!)


February 12th 2015

flea in my ear

Let me get one thing straight ... I do not have fleas OK!!!


February 10th 2015

feed the birds???

Pah!!! You gotta be pupping me right???
Wasting leftovers on the birds?!?

Not on MY watch ...


February 9th 2015

Lou's Review

Webbox Hot Dog Sticks 4pk

What are they?

4 meaty sticks that contain 60% meat (14% of which is pork) and although they do contain cereals, this is not the main ingredient. Check the packaging for the rest of the ingredients.

What are they like?

These are delicious!!! They taste incredible -that high meat content really pays off.

Would you buy them again

Yes, I think I polished off the lot in record time - now where is that shopping list!?!


£1 (bargain)

Begging Rating


This review is not sponsored


February 8th 2015

dancing on ice

Setting off bright and early, we walked along the canal which was frozen solid in places. Sadly this meant I wasn't allowed to play with my ball in case I dropped it in, as I'd have still tried to rescue it - ice or no ice BOL
For some reason, my hooman beans thought that was too dangerous but if it's good enough for the gander than it must be good enough for me?

(OK these ARE swans but they are even heavier than geese huh?)

Still I had fun chasing up the banks after it instead!!!

And as my picture of the day shows, I got to go ice skating at the end of our walk
(albeit on a huge frozen 'puddle')

The ice was about 1cm thick and was able to hold my weight


February 7th 2015

sofa surfing

Too many cushions on the sofa means the only refuge is up on the back!!!


February 2nd 2015

Lou's Review

Purina Adventuros Mini Sticks 90g

What are they?

These are a new release from Purina and consist of a mini stick that has a textured 'rough and ready' outer and a soft filling for added adventure! They are cereal based with buffalo flavour and claim to be rich in meat (min 14%) and low in fat.

What are they like?

These are delicious! I loved them because they were soft and I was able to eat them quickly - in fact I don't think they even touched the sides!!!

Would you buy them again?

Yes, despite them not having that much meat in them, they smell delicious and taste divine.


£1 (on offer)

Begging Rating 


This review is not sponsored, all trademarks etc belong to the rightful owners while the text and photos belong to myself. Grrrrr!


February 1st 2015

wanna play?

A shout out to one Kong loving dog to another.

Rest in peace