January 28th 2015

Looking for Trouble

Even in the dead of night I keep a close eye on the fence in the hope that the neighbour's dog will come out so I can go jump up to try to get him!

Had a light sprinkling of snow tonight ...


January 26th 2015

Lou's Review
Rosewood Leaps & Bounds Chicken Bites 40g

What are they?

These are made from 100% chicken breast fillet, prepared using "premium drying" (nothing on the pack to explain this except to say it is a "particularly gentle preparation process") and have been irradiated (assume that is to sterilize the product to kill any bacteria)

What were they like?

Ermmm they taste like chicken ... 

Seriously these are delicious!!! I ended up eating the whole packet ... oops!!!

They were like the other treats I tried last year but less 'chalky', more meaty.

Would you buy them again?

Would wish the country of origin was made known (my hooman has a bit of a bee in the bonnet about farm animal welfare at the moment) but I guess the information might be available on the company's website? I guess we would buy them again.



Begging Rating


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January 23rd 2015

smelly butt

My hooman's are complaining that all I've done all day is ...


January 19th 2015

Lou's Review
Hartz Chew'n clean small/medium

What is it?

This is three things in one, it is a chew, a treat and a toy, it has soft rubbery ends and a vinyl inner which has an edible bacon flavoured centre containing dentashield (reducing tartar.) 

What was it like?

The blue spiky ends were bouncy like a ball but the packaging states it is not intended for throwing/tossing games so I chewed them up instead, the edible bit is hard to reach and where I chewed the white nylon bit, it split into quite sharp edges so for now it has been taken off me.

Would you buy it again?

It looks the business but after reading some pretty bad reviews we might have given this a miss



Begging Rating

Lost points as the white bit splintered

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January 18th 2014

I have a lickle fig tree,
It's looking rather bare!

So it is way too cold for gardening and all the plants are looking the worse for wear, the only thing that looks healthy is the narcissus bulbs that are sprouting and even the ivy, which is supposed to be evergreen, is looking decidedly blue!
The little fig tree is still bare, we were going to bring it in but the gardening guides promised us it was hardy enough to withstand our winter temperatures - the tiny fruits have softened to mush so we will be surprised if they ripen now!

Roll on the spring


January 16th 2015

got my nose in a good book

I received this rather special book today from my friends JKWE, it is written by the renowned authors Foley and Pocket and features several pups I recognise the names of!!!

I'm making sure I am reading it first before my hoomans get their hands on it and dog ear the pages BOL

x Thank you JKWE for sending us our copy x


January 15th 2015


OMD! What do I look like in this hat BOL

This picture replicates a photo taken of my (now deceased) sibling Lucy.

Talking of RIP ...


January 14th 2015

hide & seek too

OK so if you couldn't find me last time - you have no chance of seeing me this time BOL


January 13th 2015

I'm waiting!!!

I'm not sure about you but one of my pet-hates is when my hoomans pull me away from sniffing and sending my Pee-mails - I think that is the height of rudeness, especially when they moan it is cold and I'm taking too long but it is fine for them to spend hours pouring over their emails (and in the comfort of the house!)
But what really gets my goat is when they have practically dragged (and I use that term loosely) me around the block but then decide to lag behind themselves (I hasten to add they are not reading my emails ... that would be gross!)

Like come on, I'm waiting!!!


January 12th 2015

Lou's Review

Pet Querks Inc Talking Babble Ball

What is it?
It's a ball what more do I have to say?!?

No really, what is it?

This is a rigid plastic ball that talks, oh yes it actually talks - with over 20 different sayings and noises. It is motion and noise activated and auto switches off.  

What is it like?

Heaven is a place on earth 

No really, what is it like?

I love this, it brings my two favourite play items together - balls and squeaky stuffed toys! It is indestructible. Seriously it is, I can destroy any 'indestructible' toy within a hundred paces but not this beauty. I have not even tried to chew it, but it is hard plastic so there is no 'give' to chew if you understand me! The only downfall to this is I cannot play throw/fetch with it (too hard on the teeth), nor drop it in the bath (although it did survive a ducking in the pond) and it is noisy rolling on wooden floors and crashing into the skirting boards but I can live with all that just to hear it go Hot Diggity Dog or Come Here Puppy! Trust me, the sayings are soooo cute you'll never get bored of hearing them. Well you won't but maybe 'they' will BOL
Obviously the batteries will die eventually but they are easily replaceable and are protected behind a secure cover with two deep-set screws that cannot be reached without hooman intervention and a screwdriver!

Would you buy this again?

We ordered this one as a gift but couldn't send it as the battery tab had been pulled out & decided it wouldn't get through customs! So now I have two *grins & punches the air* I think the answer to this question is yes and we have brought several as gifts.


depends on size but these medium ones were about £4

Begging Rating

I think you can guess I'm giving this one full marks!

This review is not sponsored



January 7th 2015

Eee-vil genius?


This is NOT me but am impostor!!!


January 6th 2015

bursting bubbles

So I love water, I'm quite happy to dive into the canal (even in winter), swim in the river or paddle in a puddle but somehow, the B word fills me with dread.

Maybe it's the bubbles?
Maybe it's the slippery surface?

I tolerate it, resistance is futile so they say, I am helpful in that I raise my paw (one at a time) so they can wash them although I'm less willing to give up my rear ones in case I go arse over tit or tit over arse and even as a male dog, I have lots of tits to go over!

 I remain in flight mode and prefer to stand with  my front paws on the side of the bath so that I can leap out at the earliest indication that I'm not going to get shouted at for doing so!

And then it comes, that joyful moment of freedom and as any dog will be able to tell you - we do the wet happy dance which involves racing around the house at speed, only stopping to wipe our still wet fur on any soft, dry surface (carpets/beds/sofas) and no amount of pre-drying with a towel will stop us!


January 5th 2015

Lou's Review

Four legged fancies peanut butter marbles 180g

What are they?

Homemade bite-sized biscuits made with peanut butter (oat/rye/spelt flour, peanut butter, milk, eggs) and designed for 'fussy dogs' ... considering that I am not keen on biscuit treats I am considering myself Fussy with a capital F so these should be right up my street!
These were brought from Gloucester while my hooman's were away last year and are made by an independent company based in Somerset.

What are they like?

A little bigger than bite sized to me but I was very excited when I was shown the bag, I couldn't wait to get stuck in as I LOVE peanut butter! They are fairly hard to the touch but not so hard I couldn't chomp them up, in fact I preferred to chomp up several biscuits at a time rather than finish them off one by one! As a dog who really isn't keen on biscuits, these were a success and my hooman particularly liked the packaging and the natural ingredients.

Would you buy these again?

I would definitely try other products from this company

Begging Rating


In conclusion

Great packaging, great ingredients and great that I actually tried and liked them ... they definitely beat the 'fussy dog' test although they didn't really smell or taste of peanut butter!!!



January 4th 2015


Another early walk this morning, the ground was covered in frost and the low winter sun made it all very picturesque!

A great walk with all of us well wrapped up against the cold.

I even discovered where the deer sleep!!!

These beds were all along this low wall and railings
But look! 'Filthy animal' ... this one had pooped the bed BOL


January 3rd 2015

Having my collar felt!

New padded collar, we've actually had this for months but hey ho, it's on now!!!


January 2nd 2015

on your barks ...

Crossing the starting line in order to catch up with a pair of dogs in front ... vroo-oom!!!


January 1st 2015

License to Chill

So here we are again, another year, another 365 photographs.

The New Year lies before you in a spotless tract of snow.
Be careful how you tread on it for every mark will show.