November 28th 2014

I want ...

... doesn't get? Huh?

The parcel has been put out of reach but it's certainly not out of mind (or sight BOL)


November 27th 2014

I got mail!!!

Look what I got in the post today!!!

It's from Santa Paws!!!

It means I have to be patient until Christmas Day though ...
... except I have had a sneaky peek and managed to tear a hole and pull out two pieces of bubblewrap.

Shhhssssshhhhh ... don't tell Santa or I'll go onto the naughty list!!!

Thank you Santa Paws
(you know who you are *grins*)


November 25th 2014

'dog montage'

Spotted a new 'craze' today so just had to get in on it ... yeah I know ... it's supposed to be for cats but then 'breading' was for cats too. Right???


November 24th 2014

Lou's Review
Christmas Edition

Webbox Dogs Delight Festive Tasty Sticks with turkey and sausage

What is it?

Six individually foil wrapped sticks containing 95% meat and NO cereals! 

What were they like?

OMD these are yummy!!! I think I ate all of them in one sitting, I even was able to open the packaging myself BOL

Would you buy them again?

Certainly but alas they are a limited edition and the other varieties seem to have a minimal meat content but no doubt just as delicious!



Begging Rating


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November 22nd 2014

fitting the bill?

My stand ins are a bit harder to spot but I'm sure if you squint you'll spot them!


November 21st 2014

car park attendant

Opportunist seagull patrolling a supermarket car park and dog treats on a market stall


November 20th 2014

park life

Waterborne 'stand-ins' today along with 'no' fouling signs!!!


November 19th 2014


A seagull looking to hitch a ride and a rather famous dog immortalised in stone


November 18th 2014

shopping seagull

Yippee! Finally a proper stand in has been spotted - no birds at all yesterday!!!

This reminds us of Sam the Seagull


Kinda goes with my 'dog' themed piccy!


November 17th 2014

lotta bottle

So I've been left tied to a lamp post while my hooman's take a break so as punishment, I'm demanding two pictures a day - one with a stand in and the second a dog themed picture.

Hope you enjoy them as much as you enjoy seeing my ugly mug BOL

P.S I'm not really tied to a lamp post *winks*


November 14th 2014

Lavender's blue

Our lavender bush seems to not realise it is now autumn and has fresh flowers coming!


November 13th 2014

Island Duvet

An unmade bed is the ideal place to catch up on forty winks!


November 10th 2014

Lou's Review
Christmas Special

Pedigee Schmackos with Turkey 86g

 What are they?

The 'knitted' festive pack contains 10 soft sticks made with meat and animal derivatives (including 5% turkey), derivatives of vegetable origin, cereals etc with omega 3, vitamins & minerals. These have a strong smell which to me was totally irresistable but to my hooman reminded them of burning plastic (don't ask!)

What were they like?

I have had other flavours of these and they always go down well, the turkey flavor was a nice twist. These treats are great for out walking as they can be ripped easily and feed in little pieces although I love to have the whole stick in one go!!!

Would you like to find them in your Christmas stocking?

I would definitely love to see them there!!!


£1 for a packet of ten.



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November 2nd 2014

Caching up on some reading!

A headline caught our eye on a dog magazine so it was an impulse buy but it turned out to be very interesting reading!!!