October 27th 2014

Lou's Review
Halloween Special

My Pampered Pet Halloween Pumpkin Costume

What is it?

This 'object of torture' is made from 100% polyester and was just one of several costumes available from Peacocks for Halloween.  The label makes it clear that this is a novelty product and that it should be removed if we show signs of discomfort
(I recommend you roll on your back and wiggle all four paws feebly in the air while looking pitiful!!!)

What was it like?

So joking aside, this fitted me pretty well although I didn't like the hood and stopped dead when the outfit was first put on me, it is fastened on by a chest and neck strap fitted with velcro. It also has a handy hole for a lead to go through, hidden beneath the green frill when not in use. It is surface washable only.

Would you buy it again?

No although my hooman disagrees!!!



Begging Rating

Me : minus 5 out of 5
Hooman : 10/5

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October 25th 2014

... if you go down to the woods today ...

... you're sure of a BIG surprise!!!


October 24th 2014

stumped again!

I had my picture taken here last year (give or take a day!) but now the stump has rotten away to practically nothing -  I guess this is the end of this little tradition!!!


October 20th 2014

Lou's Review
Halloween Special

Pets at Home Webster the Scary Spider 95g

What is it?

An orange coloured munchy made from rice powder, imprinted with a black spider,  sitting on a rawhide web that comes in two parts and held together with rawhide laces.

What was it like?

I grabbed the spider first, detaching it from the web where it was held on by a single rawhide strip. I chewed this up (leaving multiple bits dotted around on the floor!) and it lasted a few days. The rawhide is still going strong ...

Would you buy it again?

Although this is cute, it probably wouldn't be our first choice as a treat!



Begging Rating


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October 19th 2014

tails of the riverbank

Look who I bumped into along the riverbank!

We saw him twice, once on the way to the park and then on the way back.

We thought he'd gone but he was busy 'hunting' ducks that were swimming on the river.

I wanted to get better acquainted but I'm not sure he was that keen and I wasn't going to step into those nettles to find out!!!


October 18th 2014

out of reach ...

There is something on this table that is of great interest to me.

The hooman's keep saying it isn't for me but I know it is ... if only I could reach a litle higher!


October 17th 2014

IQ test : Problem solving

Test Five : Problem solving

You'll need a low level 'obstruction' and a hooman with a few tasty treats to hand!
  • Your hooman should let you sniff a treat to gain your full attention (Hello? The treat packet rustled ... they have my full attention already!)
  • Next they should 'hide' it beneath the obstruction while you watch (owing to the fact ours was outside we made ours out of a 'floating' shelf balanced on two cardboard boxes)
  • Now it is up to you to fish that treat out with your hooman shouting encouragement!

  • You used your paws to get the treat out in under a minute : PASS
  • You still haven't managed to get the treat out in over 3 minutes or used your muzzle but not your paws  : MUST TRY HARDER
  • They've put the treat under there, they can jolly well get it out again. I wasn't hungry anyway : FAIL


October 14th 2014

IQ test : The ability to smile

That time again fellow pupsters!

Test Four : The ability to smile

You'll just need to bring a hooman
  • You should be within a couple of metres of your hooman
  • Do not freak out as they stare at you for a few seconds before suddenly smiling at you
  • Now the trick here is to wag your tail and run towards them (or away from them if they look totally scary!)

  • You manage to ignore that bit of spinach stuck in their teeth and run towards them, wagging your tail frantically : PASS
  • You acknowledge their grin but can't spare the time out of your busy schedule to go to them : MUST TRY HARDER
  • What the dickens??? They look scary!!! Run away or do nothing : FAIL

My results/my opinion : So the test is supposed to be done when you are relaxed and with no distractions, doing this outside and 'staged' was not the best place I guess. I 'failed' the test as I didn't think anything of my hooman smiling at me ...


October 13th 2014

Lou's Review
Halloween Special

Poundland PetPlace Squeaky Dog Toy

What is it?

A hollow vinyl dog toy shaped like a pumpkin (other designs include bat, monster and ghost) with a squeaker.

What was it like?

Who can resist a squeaker? I chomped this up within minutes to kill the squeak and have not touched it since.

Would you buy it again?

I would, and have, brought one of the other designs!



Begging Rating


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October 12th 2014

Mist the point?

The deer are rutting (I dunno what that means but my hooman insisted it was exciting enough to drag me out in the early morning to hear the stags 'bark' ... I thought it was only dogs that barked)

We headed to the park where the mist still laid heavy in the distance
We slowly walked around the boundary where we soon saw the deer and a couple of stags on the opposite side to the fence.

Now my hooman got already to get this stag jumping the fence ... but as she looked down to adjust the settings ... that stag chose that moment to rejoin the herd!!!

I think he had a great sense of humour!!!


October 10th 2014

May contain nuts

Do you like my treemendous bandana?

This is another gorgeous creation by team JKWE from their 2014 Fall range!

I received it today in the post alongside one for Howloween

Thank you guys!!
 You truly are amazing!!!

Oh and acorns are NUTS if you're wondering ...
no double meanings here *blushes scarlet*


October 9th 2014

IQ test : Food under cover

Test Three
You'll need a towel, a treat and your hooman

  • You need to sit down while your hooman waves a treat under your nose, do not snatch it yet as this is all part of the test. Just think of something else. Squirrels?
  • Stay sat down and watch your hooman place the treat on the ground and then try to look interested while they 'hide' it beneath the towel. Oh where has it gone?!?
  • When your hooman starts to make 'encouraging' noises at you, this is YOUR cue to go and retrieve the 'hidden' treat. Grab the towel between your teeth and lift it off OR scratch at it with your paws until the treat is exposed. Don't forget speed is of the essence.

  • You manage to get the treat in under 15 seconds : PASS
  • Hey this game is fun, oh I'm being timed? I forgot! : MUST TRY HARDER
  • Hey hooman, I'm not playing this game ... I dunno why my hooman can't be more intelligent and just hand the treat over to me! : FAIL


October 8th 2014

Soggy bottom!!!

Our summer seems to have come to an end, with the weather taking a definite autumnal feel and it has rained on and off for the past few days, today we experienced thunder so I was taken out for a walk before it rained again.

Here I am, sitting on the wet grass getting a soggy bottom although as it happened, the rain stayed off and the sun came out!

Soggy bottoms are synonymous with The Great British Bake Off which airs tonight ...
it is the final bake off and a time to settle down and drool at the delicious concoctions they create!



October 7th 2014

IQ test : cover up

Another IQ test to see if I'm a budding genius or a few bones short of a skeleton!?!

Test two : Cover up

You'll need a responsible adult to get you a large towel/similar
  • Your hooman should let you sniff the towel (mine missed this step out assuming I'm bright enough to spot them holding it)
  • This next step requires you to fully trust your hooman as they are required to throw the towel over your head so you can't see them. Don't worry, it is NOT a trick, they are not out to get you! At least they shouldn't be out to get you - do not TRUST any other hooman to put ANYTHING over your head. That would be BAD news.
  • Now throw your head down and shake that cloth off. Again speed is the key to success here, the faster the better!

  • You manage to get the towel off in under 5 seconds with not a hair out of place : PASS
  • Help! It's gone dark in here ... wait a minute ... I can do this!!! : MUST TRY HARDER
  • Towel? But I've not had a bath? What's going on here! Can someone get it off my head like now!!! : FAIL


I'll be performing more tests in the coming days.
Why don't you join in and see if you are a genius!!!


October 6th 2014

Lou's Review
Halloween Special

Pets at Home Witchey Wands 50g

What are they?

Five bright orange munchy sticks with a rawhide strip twisted around them giving a spooky contrast, they are made from rice powder containing colours (obviously!)

 What were they like?

I was really excited about these and struggled to resist these while the pictures were being taken, I ate the first one with relish but afterwards the novelty began to wear off (even the next day)
I preferred the rawhide bit to the munchy chew bit.

Would you buy these again

Yes they were fun and something different



Begging Rating


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October 5th 2014

one man's rubbish

Licking peanut butter from the jar ... life just doesn't get better than this!


October 4th 2014

IQ test : Food under tin

Despite being able to read and write my intelligence quotient was being called into question by my hoomans.

So after using the computer to broggle™ a 'dog' IQ test (we think this is based on 'The Intelligence of dogs' by S Coren) the tests began.

Test One : Food under can

You'll need a hooman to collect some treats and a tin can
  • Let your hooman show you a tasty treat (fresh chicken is good - sadly I got stale treats found at the back of the pantry)
  • Resist temptation to snatch it out of their hand and watch as they place it deliberately under a tin can (ours previously contained custard!)
  • Now here's the magic bit - that treat really IS under that can - dive straight in and nudge that can over - it is REALLY important you do this as quickly as possible (else they'll think you're dumb*)

    • You manage to knock that can over in under 5 seconds and swallow that treat in one gulp : PASS
    • You know that treat is under the can but you take your time in getting it : MUST TRY HARDER
    • Huh? Get the treat? What treat? : FAIL

     I'll be performing more tests in the coming days.
    Why don't you join in and see if you are a genius!!!

     The idea for the IQ tests came from this blog
    Be sure to take a sniff HERE!!!

    *unless that is your cunning plan!?! 


    October 2nd 2014

    Lit up like a Christmas tree

    A follow on from yesterday ...

    Oh boy! I think I preferred the hat!!!


    October 1st 2014

    Woe Christmas Tree!!!

    So I got an early Christmas pressie today from the world famous Hattie Mae!!!

    ... and if you've never heard of her where the hell have you been???
    I mean she is more famous than Lassie, Scooby Doo and me all rolled up together!!!

    She is a diva, a fashionista, the head honcho in the world of fashion.
    So why oh why did she send me this 'oh so not so stylish' hat huh???

    *looks innocent*


    Bah Humbug


    Thank you Hattie Mae