July 29th 2014

unfried green tomatoes


We finally got one red tomato ... pity it's just at the height where I pee on them BOL

Shhhhhhhhh ... don't tell

*crosses toes behind back*


July 28th 2014

Lou's Review

Pedigree Deep Cleaning Denta Flex

 What is it?

These are new to the market and are textured, chewy treats designed to reduce the build up of plaque at the gum line. They are cereal based, with derivatives of vegetable origins, meat and animal derivatives (includes 4% chicken) and are low fat with no added sugar and free from artificial colours and flavours. Each pack contains one chew and they come in 3 sizes suitable for either small. medium and large dogs and they recommend feeding twice a week.

What was it like?

This looks like an edible loofah but it is delicious! I could grab this between my paws and chomp down on it, but the size I am shown with in the picture is way too big for me and is for 25kg/large dogs but I gave it my best shot for the photo!)

Would you buy it again?

Yes but only as a treat, not part of a dental routine.


£1.25 (trial price)

Begging Rating


This review is not sponsored


July 27th 2014

Trolley 'Doggy'

Oh my days! Look at me!!

A true trolley dolly doggy!!!

We found this trolley abandoned on our walk this afternoon.


July 25th 2014

Some bunny loves me

So I still rush to see the rabbits in the pet shop and normally I am far more interested in them than they are of me but sometimes, just sometimes, one is brave enough to look me in the eyes.

Cute aren't they???


July 23rd 2014

If the hat fits, buy it in every colour

Someone please tell my hoomans that it isn't clever or cute to put me in a hat.

Thankfully this one didn't fit so it stayed in the petshop!


July 21st 2014

Lou's Review

Pedigree Cheesy Bites 70g

What is it?

Small, soft, 2 calorie treats, with cheese and meat (we're assuming the outer is cheese and the inner bit meat flavour) ideal for training or just as a treat. Includes mostly cereal, vegetable derivatives, meat and animal derivatives including 4% meat. There is 4% cheese listed further down the ingredients and a herb (not herbs just 'herb' ... BOL)

What was it like?

These were very tasty treats that are great for carrying around in your pockets (if all dog's had pockets Mr C!) or as my hooman would - to throw on the floor for me to find if I'm left home alone or to put into a treat ball.

Would I buy these again?

Well I guess I would, 70g doesn't sound a lot but they are so small you get loads so they are good value for money and so little went a long way - I just wasn't that excited about them and certainly wouldn't give up my tennis ball to eat them. But that aside, my hooman thought they were cute and might try sprinkling a few on my dry dinner to 'spice' it up occasionally.


25p reduced (normally about £1)

Begging Rating

3 out of 5

This review is not sponsored


July 20th 2014


Today I came up with a cunning plan!

I decided to wait inside the guinea pig's run until the hoomans brought them both out!

I wasn't even bothered when they shut me in ... albeit for only a moment or so ... guess I must trust them more than they trust me with those piggies!!!


July 18th 2014

Sore Paw

Ouchies again!!!

Ok so despite the doctor's orders, I got more off the lead time but oh look what happened.

I made my paw bleed again.


July 17th 2014


My paw seems much better and I managed to 'con' a longer walk out of my hooman's and even some off lead time too ...... wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee where's my tennie *grins*


July 16th 2014


Look what my hooman brought me ...  whahahahahaha ... oops!!

Gone in 60 seconds *grins*


July 14th 2014

Lou's Review

Bakers Mini Bones 94g

 What is it?

Described on the packet as being delicious treats, bursting with meaty flavour - they are chicken flavoured moist bone shaped treats in a resealable bag. They are low in fat, contain Omega 3 and 6, vitamins and antioxidants to maintain health, energy etc

What was it like?

I liked these, they are nice and soft. They also smelt delicious.
I was trying to steal them while the pic was being took!
(not featured!)

Would I buy these again?

Yes!!! I always seem to love any of the Bakers range of treats.


About £1

Begging Rating

4 out of 5, we're sure that bag has shrunk


July 13th 2014


So after being pretty much 'confined to barracks' I managed to dragged my hooman out for a longer walk, this is me stopping for a breather (like I needed it BOL)

Come on lets go ...


July 12th 2014

 Biting the hand that feeds me!

Don't worry I'm only playing!!!


July 11th 2014


Did someone say it was the World Cup?

Did I miss it already?!?

There's still time for me to play in the final this weekend???


July 10th 2014

Waiting room blues

Ok so I'm still limping really bad and today is my appointment at the vets.
I nearly yelped the house down earlier when my hooman tried to check my paw
I do not like being at the vets, it's really scary, you never know whether you're going to be prodded, poked or both and they make you wait ... that's the worst bit -you know what's coming but the door is shut and there is no escape.

But hang on, didn't I not just WALK to the vets? Huh?
So that means I must be OK then and I don't need to go and see him?

I was actually as good as gold but as he held my leg backwards at a rather strange angle, I could hardly misbehave AND he made my hooman hold my head so I'd bite HER and not him (the vet is very clever) 

And the verdict?

Amputation of my leg? Toe chopped off? A plaster?


I have exposed my quick *coughs and looks embarrassed*

But look it wasn't a total waste of time ... I mean it was a day out? Wasn't it?
 My hooman's are not impressed, they thought I might have glass stuck in it or something.

*holds paw up*


July 9th 2014

In need of 1st aid

Ow! Ow! Ow!

I am limping everywhere but I have cracked the speed-limp!
I can still even jump onto the couch!!

The paw I'm holding up is my bad one.

Ow! Ow! Ow!


July 8th 2014

Do u ❤ donuts as much as me?

So yesterday, after doing my Lou's Review, I busted my paw ... not sure what I'd did but it barking hurt.
My hooman had noticed the blood pretty quickly, saying it looked like I'd stepped on a strawberry! The bleeding had stopped by then and they could see nothing, I managed to walk home OK and still wanted to play!

But this morning I have a noticeable limp, my paw is still bugging me, so we haven't gone far for a walk and I wasn't allowed to play ball.
This is the first time I've had anything wrong with me since I came here to live so I guess I'm going to milk it a little.

I managed to earn enough sympathy to win a mini doughnut!


(yeah we know it's bad for me ...)


July 7th 2014

Lou's Review on location

thrive® kind & gentle 100% chicken breast

 What is it?

These are 100% freeze dried chicken breast pieces in a tube.

What was it like?

Delicious!!! They were small, really light weight chunks ... what more can I say. It's chicken!

Would I buy this again?

Because they are 100% natural they are quite expensive but yes we would in principle. Sadly they were heavily reduced so we are assuming our local supplier has discontinued them.


Normally £2.99, think we paid about 75p

Begging rating

5 out of 5

This review is not sponsored