June 30th 2014

Lou's Review

Pedigree meaty mixers with beef, vegetables & pasta 150gm

What is it?

A pouch of meaty chunks in gravy with vegetables (2% Carrots, 2% Peas) and cooked pasta (4%) and sunflower oil ideal for mixing with dried food to add variety and interest.

What was it like?


You hoomans do not seem to realise how B O R I N G dried food is, especially the same mix day after day, week after week, month after month ... no matter how high the 'real' meat content is.

(but better than nothing?!?)

This mixed in makes it all a little more appetising!!!

The 'highly' scientific two bowl dog food test

To prove just how BORING dried food is, I had my hooman set up a very scientific test involving two bowls of dried food, one with and one without the mixer ... then I let myself loose to eat which bowl I preferred (a tough job but someone had to do it)

The photographic evidence barks for itself!!!

(left side dried food, right side dried food and mixer)

So our (not at all) scientific test proves that I ate all the dried food with the mixer and totally ignored the bowl without the mixer

(my hooman shook the bowls to tempt me so ignore the fact that the kibble has moved in the second left-pawed 'after' photo)

Would I buy it again?

Unfortunately I normally do get dried food but if I had my way this would definitely be in the shopping basket!!!


£1 for pack of four

Begging Rating

5 out of 5


June 29th 2014

Suave, sophisticated & stuck up?

So my friends JKW and E did it again, they pawmade me two beautiful bandanas. 
I look pretty handsome in them if I say so myself ... except as soon as my hooman pointed the camera at me, I decided to look everywhere but directly at the lense!!!

I have pics of me looking left, right, up,and down - in fact everywhere but centre BOL

Thank you JKWE
We really appreciate the time and trouble you have gone to, I know you have made them for other members of our extended pack too so you must have been very busy. We will treasure them forever xxx


June 28th 2014

Drifting downstream

We went geocaching again today, a shorter route, along a wooded track. At one point, we walked through a field of sheep, another lady was in front and was busy talking on her phone but had time to turn and tell my hooman to let me off my lead.

Now my hooman would NEVER trust me off a lead with any livestock, they have tried to get me used to the guinea pigs but to no avail. All I'll say is I'm a terrier, bred to hunt, it is in my makeup (no not lipstick, blusher and stuff.) You know? In my genes (no not those type of jeans either)
What I'm trying to say is that although I might look as though I am ignoring the sheep (which I do quite nicely, thank you very much!) if they were to run, then my instincts might just kick in.

So there was no taking any chances! The lady said she could train me in half an hour to ignore the sheep. And we admire her dog because HE did ignore the sheep.
 We just wonder HOW she would have done it?
There is apparently an old farmer's trick of putting a dog in a small pen with a ram ...


My picture shows me standing next to the river, it was very fast flowing here so my hooman refused to let me go in after my own tennis ball in case we lost it down stream but we did rescue a ball from one of the caches.
This was the ball we used here and yes, it did get swept downstream and no ... I wasn't allowed to go after it!!!

I also managed to get stuck behind some MORE sheep wire

Spotted these peacock caterpillars feeding on nettles - apparently they feed like this so it confuses potential predators but who would want to eat anything that's black and wiggly?

Came across this old (and sadly dry) drinking trough which would have operated by the cow nudging the lever allowing the water to fill the bowl.

And my hooman thought that this old tree trunk looked like an afghan hound?

Albeit with an extra long tail?
Do YOU see it??

Nah ... neither do I BOL


June 25th 2014

Spring through the Greens

Another day geocaching, seriously! I'm not sure what is in this hobby for me except really l o n g walks in the blistering sunshine (OK I protest too much!!!)

This field was like a desert of green, it stretched for miles in all directions and there was no ploughed path either so I had to bound across the 'cabbages' as my hooman called them. 
(They were not cabbages, but she has too much of a sweet tooth to be able to identify anything 'healthy' BOL)

My hooman stopped to pick some pine cones off a tree we past, she said they would be great for Christmas decorations,so here we were, getting baked to a frazzle and thinking about blooming Christmas BOL


June 24th 2014

Tag! You're it!!

We are on holiday so I was taken geocaching, we past through some lovely areas and it was blisteringly hot.
So why oh why did we use this 'urban' looking photo as my pic?
We found the graffiti under a road bridge, my hooman loved the colours and I was hoisted up onto the ledge to 'pose' BOL

Seriously this bridge was in the middle of nowhere and we were soon out into the fields again.

Our walk was cut short when it started to rain, and I mean RAIN ... we were all soaked in minutes and sought shelter under some trees (having to scramble down a steep bank first!) We waited ages for it to stop and were particularly keen to move on when we spotted a blackbird's nest nearby.

(nest was not touched and this pic is zoomed in as not to disturb it)

Now my owner wouldn't give up so easily, and tried to persuade us to go on, rather than turn back, but after walking through long and WET grass - she soon changed her mind and we were legging it back (roughly translated that meant another 4 or 5 miles to our starting destination BOL)

Don't worry, the sun soon reappeared and our spirits lifted once more.

 On our way back past the lakes, I was amused to watch my hooman 'shouting' at these two swans.
Now she is quite precise in how she wants her pics and she was desperate to get them to look towards each other but they were just like me ... uncooperative (but unlike me they voiced their disapproval at being snapped!!!)

(don't worry, she never got too close and look - they actually did what she hoped for!!!)

We also spotted these two donkeys who were very friendly and were totally happy to pose!

We made it home in one piece despite getting soaked again!!!


June 22rd 2014

Fountain of mud

A bit unfair to call this a fountain of mud because a) it isn't a fountain and b) it isn't really ... OK who am I trying to kid? It's obviously a disused 'water feature' that has gone stagnant and I found it in the park I was playing in.

Trouble is when I get hot, I will normally duck down into the stream ... here there was no stream ... just this 'pond' so I raced away from my hooman's and jumped straight into it before they could stop me.

So much fun!!!

Then as a 'reward' for getting dirty, I was 'dragged' to go play in the river.
Win win all round.

Well except the bath at the end BOL


June 21st 2014

Fake Bake

OMD!!! Fake dog biscuits?

This is an outrage ... someone call the Prime Minister.

Who on earth would want fake dog biscuits?


What a mean trick ... just like those plastic dog turds!!!


June 20th 2014

In a Flap

Look what has appeared in the back garden again *grins*


June 16th 2014

Lou's Review

Vitakraft Beef-Stick Original with Vegetables 12g

What is it?

Salami stick made with 88% meat and animal derivatives and 3.2% vegetables with no artificial colours, preservatives or flavours. Comes foil wrapped for freshness.

What was it like?

This is the best treat ever! It was so good that I don't think it touched the sides (BOL) and I was so impressed that I was trying to eat the wrapper afterwards and soon shredded it up into foil confetti! 

Would you buy it again?

These are cheap so definitely ... there are plenty of different flavours to try too!


Begging Rating


This review is not sponsored


June 9th 2014

Lou's Review

Pepper's Cornish Ox Nibbles with vegetables 120g

What are they?

Freshly hand baked 'Cornish pasty' shaped biscuits, vacuum-packed for added freshness, made with that well known Cornish Ox heart (didn't know they had 'ox' down there!) and vegetables with parsley. They are gluten and wheat free.
 Definitely developed as a premium brand, the packaging has been designed to stand out on the shelf and has been developed for Pets at Home.

What were they like?

Delicious! That 47% ox heart certainly makes these taste great and they are just my size!
If I'd been allowed, I'd have polished off the lot (as it happens they didn't last long!)

Would you buy them again?

Yes but only on special occasions.



Begging Rating

4 out of 5

This review is not sponsored