May 31st 2014


If you look very carefully there is what looks like a contact lense on one of the steps to my left.
It is a squeaker from one of my toys.

I'm looking for it here ...


May 26th 2014

Lou's Review

Sainsbury's Dog Treats, Cheesy Muffins 150g

What are they?

Soft, yellow muffin shaped biscuits made from cereal with min 2% cheese.

What were they like?

Oh dear, my hooman thought I'd like these as they were soft biscuits (so soft you could squish them between two fingers) but after initial interest I turned my nose up (and I LOVE cheese!)

(can you spot the tiny spider?)

Would you buy them again

Ermm no, loved the shape (something different to the usual paw/bone shapes) but taste wise I wasn't a fan.
Maybe more cheese???



Begging Rating


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May 19th 2014

Lou's Review

 Canine Hardware Chuckit! Medium Zipflight Dog Toy

What is it?

This is a frisbee with a hole in it, designed to fly fast and is in highly visible* colours, it has a rubber lip and the rest is of a sturdy construction with handy grooves to help the dog grip it (or maybe to aid its flight?)
It also floats, adding a whole new dimention to play.

What was it like?

Well I'm a tennis ball guy through and through so for this test my hooman made sure to give me the Chuckit! first, this worked a treat and after a few throws - I had soon picked it up (literally!!!)
It was great fun for me and my hooman, he was able to throw it very high and it sailed through the air with ease. The only problem I had, was that when I picked it up, the body would flip up into my face (this made my hooman's laugh and didn't bother me one bit) Brilliant!!!

Would you buy it again?

Definitely, it is pricier than other frisbee type toys (I already have a plastic one which I am not keen on) but the quality is great, the face flipping might be because of my size so I cannot complain about that and like I said - it really didn't put me off at all.


This was a gift but this range is beginning to be sold in the UK

Begging Rating

10 out of 5
(But nothing will ever replace my tennis balls BOL)

*We actually managed to lose this today, it landed in a patch of dense 'weeds' (wildflowers) and we could NOT spot it, we hunted high and low with no success. But we had to find it, it had high sentimental value (that's why I wasn't allowed to test out it's floating abilities as the hooman's thought I'd let it float off downstream!!!) and after a 'final' look, they found it ... on it's side ... buried deep in the vegetation.
I guess not so visible under those circumstances but highly visible in the air as can be seen in the aeriel shot!


May 14th 2014


Today's walk was supposed to be short, but then I decided I wanted to go to the river for a drink (it was HOT!!!) so I got an extension and look what I found ... a field full of BUTTERCUPS!!!

Do you like butter?


May 12th 2014

Lou's Review

Bakers Crunchos

What are they?

Crunchy biscuits in a variety of shapes, with added lamb and turkey (min 1% each), vitamin A,D & E, minerals and Omega 3 & 6.

What were they like?

Crunchy biscuits. That is all!

Wait? You want more?
Errmmm ... sort of 'coloured' biscuits with a rather unappetising smell that I could take or leave (and sadly more the latter) I think I didn't like them because despite them being 'light' they were still hard to bite and I only have a little jaw, obvious the flavour just wasn't there to tempt me enough.

Would you buy them again?

Normally love the Baker's range but these were just not my bowl of tea.

Can I have a refund?!?


£1 or just over

Begging Rating

Big fat paws down

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May 10th 2014

Bridge over troubled water?

Someone get me down from here!!!


May 7th 2014

cookie do'h!

Talk about setting a guy up!

Plonk a bag of cookies in front of ME and expect me to pose without showing any interest???

I'm trying to resist - looking away and pretending they are not there seems the best plan!


May 5th 2014


FINALLY that PINK lead has broken!!!

Behold! The beauty of my new blue lead!

It has been going for a while, you know, not returning into the handle and then yesterday, it gave up the ghost totally. YIPPEE!!!


May 2rd 2014

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe

Four treats laid out in a row
Which one shall I ... oh to late!!!