April 30th 2014

Dandy Lou

I don't think I have ever seen so many dandelion 'clocks' in one place before!

This field was full of them - we spotted them at a distance and as we walked closer, realised what they were.
 I guess you'd never be late for anything living near here!!!

(traditional childhood game was to blow all the seeds off and how ever many puffs it took, equalled the time)


April 28th 2014

Lou's Review

Bakers Rewards Chunks

What are they?

These are chunks of meat derivatives (min. 4% Chicken) and cereal, that look like a certain brand of chocolate before that company was taken over and 'updated' BOL
I had the recommended portion for my size (and a few more of course!)

What were they like?

I love Bakers stuff so it was no surprise that I loved these! They were soft and tasty.

Would you buy them again

Yes I would, there was a lot in the bag to keep me going for a few days



Begging Rating

Ermmm 4 and a half outta 5

This review is not sponsored


April 25th 2014

... root of the problem

... hunting geocaches down by the river ...
perfect opportunity to play ball


April 21st 2014

Lou's Review


 What are they?

Rawhide free chew sticks made from cereals,vegetables, real chicken and peanut butter.

 What were they like?

It'd be rude to speak with my mouth full but I guess as I'm typing I can say they were Delicious with a capital D. Even my hooman's thought these smelt delicious - that's the peanut butter in them!
I cannot state how tasty these were and best of all they contain NO rawhide.

Would you get them again?

The only thing that puts me off is the price, they were very expensive compared to other snacks but the smell alone makes them worth it. I'll hope for these on a special occasion!!!


£5.99 for 5 sticks

Begging Rating

10 out of 5 (yes that good!!!)

This review is not sponsored


April 20th 2014

Chocolate, chocolate, everywhere.
And not a bite to eat!

Happy Easter everyone!

The day the hoomans celebrate eating chocolate Easter eggs while us dogs get to look on and drool.

Of course there is a lot more to today but I'll leave that for you to sniff out.


April 18th 2014

feeling blue!!!

Another week and the bluebells are out in bloom


April 17th 2014

my blue eyed girl

Look what I received in the post!!!

My very own blue eyed girl to cuddle

xxx Thank you JL xxx


April 16th 2014

Lost the plot

So todays walk was very eventful, first off my hooman lost my lead (well technically she just forgot to pick it up) and we had to run back to pick it up, meanwhile I was thirsty so went to get a drink so my hooman lost me.

After several tense minutes, eventually she found me stuck behind this sheepwire
(obviously I can get through one way but not back through the other way!!!)

Then on the way home I lost my ball in the overgrown vegetation down the steep bank towards the water but after a while the hooman's found it for me.

But I lost it for good further along the trail after my hooman was a bit over enthuasiastic throwing it up the steeper bank along the track.


April 15th 2014

Sofa Chic

Sorry for the blurry picture but it best illustrates the new game I like to play where my hoomans are persuaded to throw my ball into the scatter cushions so I can jump up onto the back of the sofa and dive in to retrieve it ... 


April 14th 2014

Lou's Review

B&M The Pet Shop Doggy Wash Mitt

 What is it?

Doggy wash mitt made from microfibre which traps the dirt until the mitt is rinsed with water, can be used with or without shampoo (it states that less shampoo is needed so is especially good for sensitive skin)
Your hooman places the mitt over their hand and wash you as normal, working against fur growth for best results - the mitt is machine washable.

What was it like?

My hooman found it quite clumsy to use as the mitt was quite stiff but maybe after a few more uses, it might soften up a little? I wasn't very dirty when we tested this and my hooman thinks it'll come into it's own when I'm covered in mud!!!

Would you buy it again?

At the price yes as it is handy to have in


A bargain 99p

Begging Rating

Nobody begs for a bath do they?
My hooman has given it 4/5 for value
but we've not fully tested it yet
(no mud/no machine wash!)

This review is not sponsored


April 11th 2014

Bad Habits ... Die Hard

Look what I managed to get my paws on ... a plastic peg!!!


April 10th 2014

Too early ...

Had a walk up to the woods to see if the bluebells were out yet but we were too early ...

(still no sign of my tennis ball I lost here last year!!!)


April 9th 2014

Raiders of the lost toy

I'll find the one I'm looking for soon!


April 7th 2014

Lou's Review

Oggie' Dog Scones Baking Mix

What are they?

This is a packet mix to make savoury scones (biscuit and cake mixes also available) especially for us dogs, it contains all British ingredients and are safe for hoomans to eat too (if you should feel like sharing and lets face it - they don't share theirs with us do they??? Nuff said!!!)
They are easy to make, come with their own paw-shaped cutter and make about 14 scones
(try spelling out your name like I did!)

What were they like?

OMD! I couldn't get enough of these and kept pinching them before my pic was took, they are delicious!
My hooman was allowed to try one and said they tasted like 'real' scones - just without the sugar.

Would you buy them again?

The price would put me off normally (£2.50) comparing them to similar 'hooman' mixes but if I saw them cheap of course I'd buy another box - I also tried the biscuit mix and they were just as tasty.


£1.25 nearing date

Begging Rating

Full Marks 5/5

This review is not sponsored


April 5th 2014

What do you call a dog with a paper bag over his head?



April 2rd 2014

What do you think of it so far?

The local waterway has been cleaned out, leaving piles of dead vegetation and all sorts of rubbish on the banks. Didn't stop me wanting to play though!


April 1st 2014

Pooch Pawsters

I'm excited to announce I have invented a new floor cleaning product to help my hoomans around the house.

Poor things work so hard that I thought I'd help with the dusting and what better place to start with than from the floor up!

No longer will I have to lick up the crumbs ... new POOCH PAWSTERS are in town!!!

Oh dear?!? Not get to lick up the crumbs???

I think the JOKE is on ME!!!