March 31st 2014

Lou's Review

B&M 'The Pet Shop' Dog Bed

 What is it?

Washable dog bed made from 100% polyester (fabric and filling) approx 60x45cm

What was it like?

The bed is nice and soft - I could lay on the sides and they would 'give' although it is big enough for me not to have to do that. The outer fabric feels 'wipeable' although I have not got it dirty enough to try this, nor to warrent washing it either. I like the colour, the yellow piping corresponds nicely with the LAZY BONES wording! Other designs were available.

Would I buy it again?

A dog bed is a 'one off' purchase so I guess this would be unavailable once I wear it out!

To be honest my hooman only brought this because of the colour and not being able to find any other bed they liked, at a price they liked, but were surprised at how long it has lasted (although I have to admit I have hardly used it yet BOL)


Around £7

Begging Rating

3 out of 5
Hey! I'm a dog and I have already claimed the 3 piece suite and hooman beds as my own so in my eyes I didn't need a bed of my own!!! For the money though, it is an OK bed.

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March 29th 2014


Found this old knitted toy in a storage box, my expression is because I'm not really allowed to play with it and I'm doing my best to resist the temptation to rip it to shreds (or yarn!)


March 28th 2014

Being Ignored?!?

That awkward moment when your hooman's are ignoring you ...


March 26th 2013


One day a building was here and now it isn't ... I wonder where it's gone?


March 25th 2014

Cat's Dog's Eyes

Cat's eyes were invented in 1933 by Yorkshire born Percy Shaw as a road safety device and are used all the world over.
My only objection is their name so I have taken it upon myself to rename them in honour of my canine friends!


March 24th 2014

Lou's Review

Tesco 4 Sausage Treats with Beef and Game 66g

What are they?
Dried sausages containing 95% meat (including 24% beef/19% game)

What were they like?
I've never tried anything like this before and they were a hit, the packaging suggests 1 or 2 for my size and I polished off the lot in one go ... oops!!!

Would I buy them again?

We haven't got a Tesco near to us so these will probably not be brought that often although if I had my way we would definitely add them to the shopping list!!! Yummy!!!


£1 a packet

Begging Rating


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March 23rd 2014


Came across this grafitti on a walk today ... made me howl (and not least because of the spelling!!!)

I get JC's sentiment but from my point of view, being on the internet, gives me more of a life.
For example, by taking a picture a day, it forces my hooman's out and about more.
More walks has gotta be a good thing right!!!

Now I'm certainly not claiming to be famous on the internet but this makes me think about the infamous quote from cartoonist Peter Steiner

"On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog"


March 17th 2014

Throwing a paddy

Happy St Patrick's Day!!!

Look what my hooman has done to me BOL


March 16th 2014

And Wrecks

A play on words as I rip into this pack of toilet paper.
If anyone doesn't get the pun it sounds like the brand of toilet paper here in the UK.


March 13th 2014

Spring Greens

OMD! Does this picture make me took fat or what BOL

Geez! Maybe it was all those 'leftovers' from yesterday except I only got a teenie, tiny bit of the fish!!!

I guess now the warmer weather is here (laughable!) I might get some longer walks and lose my belly


It might just be the way I'm sat.

Yeah!!! That's it, just the way I'm sitting!!!


March 12th 2014

Left Overs

How tempting to have the left overs dumped right under your nose!


March 10th 2014

Lou's Review

Sporty Dog Toy (Freya)

What is it?

A soft toy produced to help raise money for Sport Relief
with at least £1.30 going to the charity.

What was it like?

It was great fun but because it had a squeak it didn't last long! It was destuffed in record time but I loved it all the same and I can still play 'tugger' with the 'skin' BOL

Would I buy this again?

It's a one off purchase but if they produce a similar one next year then we would get it again (no stuffed toy lasts with me!)


(£1.30ish going to the charity)

Begging Rating

Lost marks because of lastability!

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March 9th 2014

doggone tired

Wow! What an adventure!!!

Our first 'epic' walk of the year, not really epic at all but lots of puddle splashing, canal swimming and ball chasing left me totally pooped.

So much so I had to be carried home most of the way!

I even just sat there if I was put down onto the track and let my hooman's walk almost out of sight!

It was great fun though!!!


March 8th 2014

Missing me?

So it was late, my hooman hadn't got around to taking my photo so I was dumped out into the garden to 'perform' (yes in MORE ways than one BOL) and this is one of the more 'funnier' results!


March 7th 2014

Getting organised?

Storage finally up and stuff dumped in it.

Certainly NOT organised!!!

Best bit is I have my own shelf to keep MY stuff on *grins*


March 5th 2014

Toy Box

My toys have all been tidied away and 'hidden' in this box, only problem with that is I can't get at them without my owner's help.

I go and stand in front of it and nudge it with my nose.

Then it is a matter of getting them to go through it one toy at a time until I decide which one I want or if they haven't the time - they'll tip it all out on the floor.


March 4th 2014

Mardy 'Gra' Lou

So the plan was I sit here with this mask on and look handsome but the mask had other ideas and kept sliding down my face.

  I'm not sure I AM really mardy here ... Happy Fat Tuesday everyone!!!


March 3rd 2014

Lou's Review

 Antos Cerea Small Crocodile

What is it?

100% vegetarian natural dog snack made from compounded vegetable fibres with natural colourings and has a minimal fat content (different sizes and shapes of treat are available and include bones, hedgehogs and toothbrushes!)

What was it like?

The treat is quite hard but not hard enough to put me off destroying it within minutes! It's a handy snack and very clean and non smelly.

Would you buy it again?

I like these and would definitely get them again. The different shapes, sizes and colours means you could never get bored - and if you did, the treat is clean enough to be left hanging around the house (not that they ARE left hanging around for long in ours!)


About 70p
(price differs between the treats)

Begging Rating


This review is NOT sponsored