January 31st 2014

january 31st???
Pink Lead?!? 
The confession
(otherwise known as the fail)

Confession One

Soooooo we forgot to take a picture today ... so as compensation I will finally explain (as a hot blooded male) why I am walked on a pink lead ...

Confession Two : The tail of my pink lead

So my original lead was blue, blue for a boy get it?

But one morning, I dragged my hooman out for an early walk, nothing unusual in that, but as I raced across the road ... well you see the thing with these flexi leads is that you have 5 metres of freedom ... and as I mounted the kerb, my hooman was still on the other side.

Now forget about the safety aspect of me free running across the road - remember I said it was EARLY and everyone else still in bed. No traffic OK!

So there I was, on the path, where I decide to take a sharp left ... no waiting for my hooman to catch up - I have places to be, places to see ...


My lead stopped me in my tracks, I stopped to see my hooman looking alarmed, you see my lead had got caught up between a car and it's bumper. Wedged fast. No amount of teasing would shift it.

 My hooman grabbed me, unclipped me from that lead, carried me back home.
There they found a pair of scissors and another non-extending lead and off we set again.

Next they cut the lead from the car and luckily the bits all came away with no damage to the car.

My blue lead however was now in pieces!

So how on earth does that explain the PINK lead?

Well you see, my hoomans had already brought a pink lead when they still had their previous hound, a girl, and assuming any further dogs would be female obviously it was the colour of choice.

And that my friends, is the tail of the pink lead.


January 30th 2014


Can you see me?

Apparently there is a picture doing the rounds online, that shows a mysterious aura being given off by  glowsticks put into water and hit like a xylophone SO I have gone out my way to prove it is a myth!!


(The author of the original blog where the pic was sourced from made it clear it was just a camera affect)


January 29th 2014

Not A Muse-d

Forgive me if I look unamused, but my hooman was showcasing some of her pencil drawings and I do not feature in any of them.


January 28th 2014


Hmmm to tell or not to tell ...

... that is the question ...


January 27th 2014

Lou's Review

Misfits Motley Mixes

What are they?

Mixed bag of complimentary treats in beef (3% meat) and prawn (1% fish) flavours, they have a crumbly, chewy texture. The bag contains loads (180g) but recommends only 4 a day for me.

What was it like?

I love this brand and although this isn't my favourite, I still think they are very tasty and a bag lasts forever (OK that might be bending the truth a little) They tend to dry out if left open but are handy for putting in my hooman's pocket for treats on the go - they are easy to break into two (which makes them last even longer!)

Would I buy this again?

Yes! Although they aren't 100% meat, they are great value for money and I love 'em! The packaging is very attractive and I love that they feature a real dog on the reverse!


About £1.25 but often on offer for a £1

Begging Rating

4 out of 5

This review is not sponsored


January 26th 2014


It's Burn's Night tonight and I'm enjoying my own version of the Burns supper.
Sadly no piper, no poetry and I only get to enjoy a vegetarian haggis!


January 24th 2014

Get Stuck In

This is me trying out a new brand of food (and it isn't even Monday!) which is 100% natural with no cereals.
The tinned meat is gorgeous but I refuse to eat the kibble on it's own!!!
We'll see how things go.



January 21th 2014

I no see you

Here I am looking like a prized anorak.

You know sometimes I despair of the hooman race. I mean they can dress up, I have no qualms about that. In fact I would positively encourage them to cover up (have you EVER seen a hooman nekkid? Huh? It's enough to gross a young dog out!)
 But me? Oh nah?!? Not me. Leave me out of that equation. Please!

 I have my OWN coat.
(and while we're on THAT subject lets just mention that my coat looks great on me, as all the other furimals look great in theirs ... they do not appreciate that some hooman's are jealous and wish to murder them to steal it from them)


January 20th 2014

Lou's Review

Cesar Select Toppings

What is it?

Small tray of meaty dog food with chicken and topped with vegetables (carrots and pepper) intended as a complete meal. I would require about 4 of these a day.

What was it like?

OMG! I loved this little pot, my hooman tipped it out onto a plate and it was clean within seconds. I didn't even stop long enough to admire the topping or savour the flavour!!! More please!!!

Would I buy this again?

Definitely if I had my way but my hooman has more reservations, it might look pretty and smell delicious but it only has 4% chicken in it (the bulk is 'animal derivatives' which is anyone's guess) followed by cereals which are a cheap filler.


About 85p for 150gm

Begging Rating

5 out of 5

This review is not sponsored


January 17th 2014

Glow with the Flow

After yesterday's near miss, today I decided to finish the job and had great fun chewing up the ball myself - it is no longer round or oval but in pieces!!!


January 16th 2014

Squashed Balls Still Roll

So today's walk was more than eventful.

It started off pretty normally when my hooman happened to find my 'snowball' hidden in the drawer (a remnant from Christmas - a white 'snow' ball which lights up and flashes) and as I was so excited to be reunited with it - I decided I'd carry it out with me in my mouth.

 That was my hooman's first mistake!

This plan went well until we reached the zebra crossing where I decided I'd had enough of carrying the ball and dropped it in the road. My hooman only noticed after we had crossed the road and raced back to retrieve it - giving it back to me to hold once safely across.

That was my hooman's second mistake!!

As we turned the corner, I decided to drop the ball once again, only this time we were at the top of a very steep hill - so gravity took over and my ball started to roll slowly towards the pavement, dropping down the kerb and out into the road.
I was far too busy reading Pmails to notice any of this but my hooman was aware and tried to hurry me up as the ball was starting to head downhill - picking up speed as it went.

 That was my hooman's third mistake!!!

Maybe, just maybe, if I'd have been quicker, we'd have managed to reach that ball before the LORRY did!

Now the ball survived being run over but it was catapulted down the hill at a starting rate of speed - by now my hooman was in fits of laughter and we chased after the ball - passing several other peeps who were totally oblivious to our situation and probably quite alarmed at seeing a mad lady, giggling, with a dog, careering down the road after a white object rolling faster than the speed of light!!!

We caught up with the squashed ball at the bottom of the hill and my hooman inspected it for damage. It was now oval shaped but it still rolled and our walk continued without further incident ...except that the ball was a little more unpredictable in what direction it bounced in BOL


January 14th 2014

New Arrivals


So the hoomans decided that having me wasn't enough and they went out and brought home some new interlopers.

No one consulted ME on this matter - as if my feelings don't count???

So what do YOU think was in that box???

(Oh and just for the record - the new arrivals had long vacated this box before I was allowed any where near!!)


January 13th 2014

Lou's review


What is it?
These are bone-shaped biscuits with chewy meaty chips, they are a complimentary food to be feed as a treat. For my size I can have one a day.

What was it like?

These smelt good in the box but unfortunately they were not exciting enough for me - each biscuit was quite large but even broken up I showed no interest - the guinea pigs actually took more of an interest! Despite my lack of enthusiasm, my hooman thought they looked cute and liked the idea of the 'bits' but thought they were quite hard.

Would I buy them again?

No, I wouldn't but to be fair, I am not really that keen on biscuit type treats -I guess as I am fed mostly dried food - having a 'dry' treat is nothing different.


Under a pound

Begging rating

1 out of 5

This review is not sponsored


January 12th 2014

Touch of Frost

It's been kinda sharp all week but it is only today that I managed to drag my hooman's out of bed early enough to catch it for my daily picture.


January 11th 2014

Ridges and furrows

So I look like I'm squatting to do a poop in this pic, but believe me I'm just a little uneasy as right in front of me - over that small wall - is a really, really steep drop - hence my lead* (still pink)

If you look across the field, you can see ridges (small linear hills) and furrows (the dip in between them) which is a remnant of open field farming in the middle ages. Each strip would have been farmed by one family before some bright spark decided to enclose everything.


January 10th 2014

Concrete bales?

Last summer I was made to pose on straw bales. I really didn't think much about them at the time, I'd seen them before and knew they posed no immediate danger despite their size.
Today however, it dawned on me how they are made - I was out exercising my hoomans when I came across these concrete structures on the edge of a field, I had no idea these structures existed. I can only imagine that these are what shapes the straw bales later in the year ... I guess the farmer rolls them along so they pick up the straw - just like when a rolling stone gathers moss. Right?


January 9th 2014


What is it with the hooman's?

They throw the ball expecting US to race after it and bring it back in megaseconds
YET it is perfectly acceptable for them to stand there 'teasing' US for hours???



January 8th 2014


Came across this sign marking the longest Roman road that ran from London to York today.

Worth a sniff I guess but I found the cars and lorries travelling along the road in the distance far more intriguing BOL (hence why I'm on the lead)



January 7th 2014

Deck of Coats

Posing in my coat which I hate but know that when it is put on me I am off out on a walk so I guess it isn't all bad!


January 6th 2014


So this is new right? Me writing a review. I'm planning on reviewing once a week and it could be anything from dog food to treats to toys to more practical stuff. Who knows!!!

Before I start, the review is not sponsored. The company do not know I have written it and the opinions I give are my own experience of the product - good or bad.

Kong Stuff'n Easy Treat 236ml

What is it?

Kong Stuff'n is a paste designed to be squirted into the rubber Kong toys etc, once you've worked out how to dispense the stuff (by pressing the white nozzle sidewards) it is a doddle to use. It does not need to be refrigerated. 

What was it like?

The paste is quite thick, I loved the taste (liver) and enjoyed the task of  trying to extract it from the toy.

How much and would you buy it again?

It cost about a fiver and that was on offer, I don't think we'd buy it again as it is quite expensive but all in all I liked the product but would maybe just continue to use cream cheese, peanut butter, banana etc instead.

Overall Rating (out of 5)

3 paws


January 4th 2014

Underneath the covers

It might be lights out but shhhhhh! I still wanna play!!!


January 3rd 2014

Funny bone

This is ace! It's a rubber bone with a channel running down the middle and four holes at either end where treats, peanut butter or paste can be 'hidden' so I have to work to get the stuff out.

I have quickly learnt how to get the stuff out and demand 'seconds' BOL

Thank you Leo xx


January 2rd 2014

I see no zebra

Here I am crossing the zebra crossing. 
Do you see it?
I think they are lion ... BOL


January 1st 2014

Raindrops keep fallin' on my head

Happy New Year blog followers!!!

So a new year begins with a short walk along the river, but as you can see, the weather was anything but happy!!!

After completing my photo a day challenge last year (yesterday!!!) I ... well lets get this perfectly straight ... MY hooman has made the decision to continue this challenge for another year.
As you can tell I'd be happy NEVER to see a camera again!
I mean a guy gets a bit fed up with look this way, that way, sit, stay, oh you moved!!!


I might not have been having much fun getting wet
but someone was ...