December 31st 2014

Happy Lou Year!

Well this is it folks ... 365 pictures in the bag blog

Hope you've enjoyed it ... I'm hanging up my top hat and tails and calling it a year.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year 2015

The fireworks are starting here,
I'm off to watch Big Ben strike 12 o'clock

See you tomorrow???

Who knows ... *hides camera*


December 30th 2014

Will work for chocolate

A tongue in cheek piccy showing ALL the uneaten doggy chocolates from the advent calendar I reviewed way back on the 1st December.

I guess I REALLY didn't like them!

I licked the odd one or two just because, but there was no way I'd eat one!

Maybe this is why doggy chocolate is so healthy for us, because it tastes so awful we won't touch it at all BOL


December 29th 2014

Lou's Review
Seasonal Special

Armitage Good Boy doggy mini mince pies 100g

What are they?

A box of six star topped mini mince pies made from rawhide and rice starch with colourings.

What were they like?

The appearance of these is good, they look realistic but after a tentative nibble, I decided they were not for me.

Would you like to find them in your stocking?

The packaging is great, the product looks great but the taste let these down so I'm afraid I wouldn't want these in my stocking again!


(I think ... hey Santa brought them!)

Begging Rating

Points for presentation!

This review is not sponsored


December 28th 2014

Frozen balls

Since yesterday, these strange balls have appeared ... 


December 27th 2014

Losing my marbles

So it is quite difficult to spot an inch diameter ball in an inch or so of snow ... 

... brings a whole new meaning to yellow snow

(snow actually looks blooming purple BOL)


December 26th 2014

It's snowing!

Today it is Boxing Day which has nothing to do with boxes or boxing but by the by, it's a second day's holiday for the hoomans!!!


We had snow ... the first for over a year and look who was dragged out in it BOL


December 25th 2014

Christmas Miracle

xx Merry Christmas xx

And the miracle?
That the presents remained unopened until well after 6pm with grandma in the house BOL


December 24th 2014

Naughty or nice?

Oh Reindeer! Couldn't resist drinking the vanilla milk left out for Santa ...
... I guess I'll be on the naughty list now!!!

Last day of the advent calendar revealed a Christmas pudding!
Have enjoyed the anticipation of opening the calendar but have not eaten a single chocolate, licked a few, chewed the first few up in the hope they'd taste better but no. Not eaten any.

Bah humbug.


December 23rd 2014

Led by the light ...

Another year, another tour of the town delivering those all important Christmas cards and another opportunity to stop at this house to have my pic taken and donate to charity

Led by the light of faith serenely beaming,
With glowing hearts by His cradle we stand.

Day 23 Advent Calendar : Rocking Horse

Led by the light of faith serenely beaming,
With glowing hearts by His cradle we stand.


December 22rd 2014

Lou's Review
Seasonal Special

Lily's Kitchen Christmas Dinner 400g

What is it?

A Christmas dinner in a tin, featuring a festive 'to and from' label and containing 40% turkey and 20% goose meat with organic potatoes, carrots, green beans, apples, cranberries and lots of other natural stuff

What is it like?

This is the best! From the smell to the taste and texture, it screams premium!!
Lily's Kitchen prides itself on producing 'proper food' and contains only good stuff , no cheap fillers like cereal and meal.

Would you buy this again?

I love this brand and would live on it if I could!



Begging Rating


Day 22 Advent Calendar : Candy Cane


December 21st 2014

Do you wanna light a snowman?

It's that time of year when we go hunting for the prettiest Christmas light displays ... I'm sure this is the same house we stopped at last year!!!

Advent calendar : snowflake


December 20th 2014

Letters to Santa?

Spent so long threading ribbon through this garland that I fell asleep with the anticipation of it all.

That's sarcasm in case you didn't guess it BOL

Day 20 Advent Calendar : Cracker


December 19th 2014

Hats & Scarves

Oh dear, I look really fed up here but it is just because my hooman was so slow to get a picture that I got bored posing and took 40 winks !!!

My hat is Text Santa which raises money for UK charities over the Christmas period.

Day 19 Advent Calendar : Head of an elf


December 18th 2014

train spotting

No not car spotting ... we are looking out for a steam train!

Day 18 Advent Calendar : Robin


December 17th 2014

breakfast in bed?

Awww this is me resting my head on my hooman's lap and having 40 winks!
It is in fact evening, so it should be supper but not in bed - snuggled up in front of the fire!

Day 17 Advent Calendar : Bell


December 16th 2014

Knock knock! Who's there?

Day 16 advent calendar : Christmas stocking


December 15th 2014

Lou's Review
Christmas Special

Proline Chicken with Pollock Hearts 30g

What are they?

A Christmas card with a blister pack containing chewy heart shaped treats with meat and animal derivatives (chicken 49%) and fish and fish derivatives (11% pollock) 

What are they like?

Delicious! They are quite moreish and I have munched the lot as there was no feeding guide on the pack (I'm assuming it's one portion!)

Would you like to find these in your stocking?

Unfortunately this product seems to be imported as they are a Netherlands brand so I guess they are not available here (these were found as a one off)



Begging Rating

5 out of 5

This review is not sponsored

Day 15 advent calendar : holly sprig and berries


December 14th 2014

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Oh look at me dressed to kill in my Christmas sweater, with real bells and icing sugar snow
(even tastier than real snow!)

Day 14 advent calendar : candle


December 13th 2014

step two it

There I was, nice and snuggly in my bed when my hooman suddenly remembers my photo and so I am 'dragged' out of my nice and snuggly bed to stand out in the freezing cold hallway to have my photo taken.

Smile? I don't think sooooooo ...

Day 13 advent calendar : mouse


December 12th 2014

lunch buns

Left over lunch bun becomes Lou's lunch bun

Paws Off!!!
I LOVE tuna

Day 12 advent calendar : stag


December 11th 2014

Bark Humbug?


Oh dear, it's Hattie's Tree Hat time 

Grumpy Cat eat your heart out BOL

Day 11 Advent Calendar : log


December 9th 2014

I felt that?

Haha don't ask why I have felt on my head 'cos I don't know!

Day 9 advent calendar : sleigh


December 8th 2014

Lou's Review
Christmas Special

Natural Way Grain-Free Gourmet treats CarobChoc & Orange 150g

What are they?

Grain-free paw print shaped biscuits flavoured with carob and a zing of orange. They are hand baked in wood burning ovens and contain premium ingredients (first product we have seen that lists no 'derivatives' for ages!) and no artificial flavours, preservatives, additives or added sugar.
(Buck flour, chickpea flour, carob, orange oil, orange zest, vegetable oil)

What are they like?

My hooman LOVED the smell of these, the smell of the chocolate and orange hits you as soon as you open the bag but alas, despite all the goodness, I was not interested (despite LOVING chocolate) in eating these.
My hooman thought they were cute and is calling me fussy!

Would you like them in your Christmas stocking?

Well they certainly smell very Christmassy but I sadly didn't care for them so not in my stocking thank you.



Begging Rating

1 out of 5
(great ingredients but not appreciated by this dog)

This review is not sponsored

Day 8 advent calendar : bow


December 7th 2014

Silent night? Ho Ho Hoot!

New blankets!!!

Day 7 advent calendar : Christmas tree


December 6th 2014

It's a wrap!

Getting busy in Santa's grotto!

Day 6 advent calendar : star


December 5th 2014

eggy ear

Who missed their mouth then???

Day 5 Advent Calendar : Parcel


December 4th 2014

A spaceman came travelling?

Ohhh cruel trick - hiding one of my all time favourite snacks in this goldfish bowl.

And in case any pups don't get the reference ...

Day 4 Advent calendar : gingerbread man


December 2nd 2014

how many sleeps til Santa?

Sleeping at a very awkward angle, happily dreaming of white Christmases, but being rudely awoken by the camera going off!!!

Day 2 Advent Calendar : Santa Paws


December 1st 2014

Lou's Review
Christmas Special

Armitage Good Boy advent calendar for dogs 72g

What is it?

An advent calendar for dogs, with numbered doors running up until the 24th of December, each containing a chocolate slab with a relief Christmas themed picture on it (it remains to be seen whether each one is different!) The ingredients lists oils and fats, cereals, various sugars, milk (& milk derivatives), derivatives of vegetable origin, minerals and chocolate, cream & vanilla flavourings. 
Safe if accidentally eaten by children *winks* 

What was it like?

Loved the packaging (especially as it goes with our colour theme this year!), the chocolate not so much, I got a chocolate bauble today and attempted to munch it up but alas it remained on the floor as crumbs.

Would you like to find this in your Christmas stocking?

Obviously NOT in my Christmas stocking as it'd be too late to open BOL


A modest £1.99

Begging Rating

(the chocolate lost this it's full marks)

This review is not sponsored

Advent calendar Day 1 : bauble


November 28th 2014

I want ...

... doesn't get? Huh?

The parcel has been put out of reach but it's certainly not out of mind (or sight BOL)


November 27th 2014

I got mail!!!

Look what I got in the post today!!!

It's from Santa Paws!!!

It means I have to be patient until Christmas Day though ...
... except I have had a sneaky peek and managed to tear a hole and pull out two pieces of bubblewrap.

Shhhssssshhhhh ... don't tell Santa or I'll go onto the naughty list!!!

Thank you Santa Paws
(you know who you are *grins*)


November 25th 2014

'dog montage'

Spotted a new 'craze' today so just had to get in on it ... yeah I know ... it's supposed to be for cats but then 'breading' was for cats too. Right???


November 24th 2014

Lou's Review
Christmas Edition

Webbox Dogs Delight Festive Tasty Sticks with turkey and sausage

What is it?

Six individually foil wrapped sticks containing 95% meat and NO cereals! 

What were they like?

OMD these are yummy!!! I think I ate all of them in one sitting, I even was able to open the packaging myself BOL

Would you buy them again?

Certainly but alas they are a limited edition and the other varieties seem to have a minimal meat content but no doubt just as delicious!



Begging Rating


This review is not sponsored


November 22nd 2014

fitting the bill?

My stand ins are a bit harder to spot but I'm sure if you squint you'll spot them!


November 21st 2014

car park attendant

Opportunist seagull patrolling a supermarket car park and dog treats on a market stall