December 31st 2013

Happy Lou Year!

Well that's it folks!

365 photos of the day!!

Wishing you all a Happy Lou Year 2014!!!


December 30th 2013

Not all that glitters is gold

Bit of a name change but still unmistakable!

Unfortunately I didn't get any ... well maybe a tiny crumb.

But I got to destroy the box!


December 28th 2013

A passion for pistachios

I have discovered a passion for pistachios!

I already love hazelnuts and given half a chance will steal them and eat them - shelling them with my teeth first.

Pistachios are more of a delicacy and I demand my hooman shells them for me!


December 27th 2013

A most reluctant Elf on the Shelf

Especially for Hattie and Lily


December 26th 2013

Flashy collar!

Just one of my gifts I received yesterday!

Bark about being spoilt!!

Thank you to everyone who sent me cards and gifts - you know who you are!


December 23rd 2013

Bag Dog?

Done enough shopping?

What ya mean there is nuffin for me?!?



December 21st 2013


Lots of home baking going on and who am I to complain?

When I get my very own bone-shaped cookies.

Where is that icing?


December 20th 2013

Santa paws

Ho! Ho! Ho!

The hat is supporting the charity Text Santa which airs tonight on TV


December 17th 2013

All is Calm, all is Bright

An annual pilgrimage to deliver Christmas cards gives us a good reason to walk past this house each year.
It never fails to disappoint!!!


December 16th 2013

Reach for the snowballs

Someone has left a box of toy snowballs on top of the bookcase.

Out of my reach
Out of sight
But not out of mind!


December 15th 2013

Recharging my batteries!

I'm not sleeping!

Just recharging my batteries!



December 8th 2013

Red sky at night?

Shepherd's delight?

Amazing wintery sky tonight, not quite red more a 'dusky' pink!?!


December 7th 2013

Looking sheepish?

As if I could be possibly cooking up mischief?

Little ol' me?



December 6th 2013

Take me to your leader

Unknown life form found in pet shop.
Non flashing green orb.


December 5th 2013

... windows of opawtunity

The official countdown to Christmas has begun ... a few days late ... but means I get 5 treats instead of just the one *winks*


December 4th 2013

You Light Up My Life

Hand tied bows onto battery operated lights can only mean one thing ...
... that my hooman was far to busy to be taking notice of me!!!


December 2rd 2013

Just add water!

After playing on the field and getting muddy paws I'm made to have a 'foot bath'

Even my ball has been thrown in with me!