November 28th 2013

Gone fishing?

Over the past few weeks this stretch of waterway has been dredged and the rubbish dumped out on the banks, it's quite a treasure trove of oddments ... we've spotted lots of shells from fresh water clams, sticks, bike wheels and even a suitcase and lawn mower!!!

(taken on the 17th Nov)


November 24th 2013

In the bleak mid winter

Ok so it's not even winter yet but it does look bleak!


November 23rd 2013

wrapped up like an eskimo!

So our tree is up, it's very early but still!!!

Now can someone unwrap me???



November 22rd 2013

Early bird

Can you spot it? The seagull?
Sun rise and tide incoming ... the gull is top left!

And my doggy pic is my puppy collar and lead set. Cute!

Normal service will resume tomorrow!!!


November 21st 2013

Outward bound

Oh how I wish I was here to chase these!

More dogs and a mouse!



November 19th 2013


Meet my stand ins ... it's their tern!!!

And my doggy themed pic?


November 18th 2013

Wish you were here

I'm on vacation so no pics of me for a few days BUT I'll still post a picture a day as that is the challenge after all! And also a bonus 'dog' related picture of the day too!

Dog related? Trump pet of course!!!
(ok ok they will get better???)


November 17th 2013

Naughty step?

All week I have been promised a long walk and finally I got it but really it shouldn't be me on the 'naughty step' but my hoomans *giggles*


November 16th 2013

Spare me some kibbles?

Ok this was unintentional after yesterday's rather negative post
 but the hat kept falling off my head and looked like I was collecting kibbles!


November 15th 2013

Playing with Pudsey

Tonight is the annual BBC Children in Need telethon but which we won't be watching.
It used to be exciting to watch but even at the delicate age of 3, it is sadly wearing thin in this kennel.
(no offence to any one who is generous to donate their hard earned kibbles)

I guess the razzmatazz of the celebrities donating their precious time (but not money?) and the shaking of the virtual begging bowl has put us off.
I guess I will make do with chewing their one-eyed teddy bear mascot Pudsey.

Although not while sitting in cold custard or swimming backwards across the channel unless of course you sponsor me to do so.


November 14th 2013

On Test ...

 Too early for crackers but we couldn't resist testing this one out.

The cracker is sold individually and comes in a see-through packet. The cracker itself is very festive and contains a ball and a motto ... but no snap!

As a dog I love pulling the hooman crackers and the snap is part of the fun but I guess it is not very 'elf' and satety to actually provide these for a dog BOL

Here's what I got in mine *grins*

I have to say I chomped the ball up in seconds and the joke was cringe-worthy but isn't that part of the fun? As we only paid under £1 for this in a bargain shop we'll give it 3/5

And it wasn't Made in China either!!!

Ok for that reason we'll give it 3.5/5


November 13th 2013

retail therapy

So my folks went shopping and all I got was this lousy teeshirt paper bag!

The store's advert is 'eagerly anticipated' every year
(some might argue that these types of adverts are better than the programmes!)

But how funny is this!

This Christmas advert actually features food from a rival supermarket!!!

Well let me be the first to wish you a Happy Christmas and remember


November 12th 2013

Love me, love my cat!

Remind you of any one?

The cat up the tree??



November 10th 2013

Mud? Glorious MUD?

Finally after weeks of 'vegetating' I got an epic walk but
 I am beginning to realise why we don't go out so much in the winter
(ok not technically winter but you know what I mean)

It's COLD and MUDDY!

There were a couple of places on the route that were all thick and squelchy with mud, my hooman laughed as I was trying hard not to get my paws mucky and even decided walking on a low brick wall, ducking under the fence and edging around it  were all  preferable to wading through it!

 This bit past a farm was thick with mud and I had no choice but to brave it.
Luckily I could wash my paws off in the long grass at the end!
What a wuss!


November 8th 2013

holey moley!

I love this!

It's just great!!

It bounces, it rolls, it makes a great pull toy and it's chewable too!!!

Why oh why do I have to sit here posing, when I could be playing *frowns*


November 7th 2013

Who Goes There?

Being a dog with far superior hearing to the hooman beans (but admittedly selective deafness at times!)
I can hear a pin drop from 3 miles away!

This is me listening to 'her indoors' five blocks away BOL


November 6th 2013

3 Today

It's my Birthday today!

Happy Birthday to me!!

And a Happy Birthday to Leo who is 6 today and is helping me to host our joint virtual pawty online with the theme Pirates of the Carribbean - made sense since we all had the costumes!

Thank you to those that sent gifts and cards

I lovies them all very muchly



November 5th 2013

Flashy yellow ball

It's Guy Fawkes night here where we mark a failed conspiracy to blow up the Houses of Parliament by lighting bonfires and setting off fireworks.
(5th November is the official day but normally it is heralded a week before and a week afterwards if you get my drift *rolls eyes*)

Anyywayys ...

I'm not bothered by the flashes or the bangs, whizzes and squeals of the fireworks and I still demanded a walk as usual.

My picture of the day is me back in the garden, playing with my predecessor's yellow flashy ball that still works several years later.

Thank you Mr C *grins*


November 3rd 2013

Frightfully Delightful

The pumpkin lanterns had been left inside, until today, when mom decided to move them outdoors for the neighbours to enjoy ...

... I had other ideas and chomped them up and even carried 'Jack' back indoors!!!

I guess that's Halloween done with then BOL


November 1st 2013


Oh dear! Slight confession!
Was so busy moonlighting at TB that we forgot to take an 'official' picture of the day ...
... but luckily we'd taken this profile shot earlier!!!

The spider was a lucky mistake!