September 30th 2013

foul play?
A mysterious wound has appeared on my rear leg which might have been caused by some little hooman's throwing stones into MY territory.
Well off to lick it better ... ... ...


September 29th 2013

agility course
You mean you want me to race across these poles, at high speed?
OK, no problem!!!

September 28th 2013

Retail therapy
A trip to the pet shop means lots of toys to test out to see which one has the best squeak!


September 27th 2013

Any Old How
Not ten pin bowling but skittles except I was more interested in fetching and chewing the wooden ball than knocking the skittles down!!!


September 26th 2013

Virtual Farm Fest
So being a member of a very exclusive group, I get to attend the very first Farm Fest.
Held in a secret location only known to a very few honoury dogs and their two-legged family it is going to be THE event to be at!
It is also being held online for those that cannot attend in pawson.
A virtual pawty!!!
Do you like my bandana?
So that what was in my parcel!!!


September 25th 2013

How does your garden grow?
Been a busy day.
 I've been busy gardening and cleaning and lots of stuff but who am I trying to pup?
I've been busy WATCHING!!!
Just a shout out to my friend Lily
I'm up to date at last BOL

September 24th 2013

hop over crops
Naff title admittedly but I hope I get a point for trying!!!
These new crops are well on their way, I wonder what they will turn out to be?
Winter wheat? Barley?


September 23rd 2013

cat's eyes
Spotted this kitty while out on my walk
(well it took me a month of Sundays to spot it as it was the hooman's who saw it first!)
After my last run in with psycho pussy I took my time on my approach but this cat was far more chilled and I wagged my tail in a quick greeting before leaving it be.



September 21st 2013

OMD! I've lost my head and it isn't even October 31st!!


September 19th 2013

Stand back!
I've nearly got it!
Look what I received in the post!
A parcel just for me!
Something I'll need for a picture next week!!!
Here's a clue!
Thank you to KJWES


September 18th 2013

Dark already???
Oh boy! The nights sure are drawing in.
It isn't even 6pm in this picture and already it is pitch black outside.
I guess this is putting paid to all those long evening walks


September 17th 2013

Just hangin' around

 Grrrr gotta hang on to this ring BOL

Don't let gooooooooo ... grrrr ... this is Fun with a capital F


September 15th 2013

you can lead a horse to water ...
OMD! Check out this life-sized sculpture of a shire horse!
Amazing isn't it?
So great I had to leave my signature on it!!!
Yeah thanks for that I hear you cry!
But in my defence it is way past the half way mark of my challenge and I have resisted showing such behaviour so far BOL
It can only get worse ... ... ...


September 14th 2013

cookin' up a storm
So what delicious delights am I cooking up today?
Cakes? Biscuits? Cupcakes? Hmmm?
Cold porcelain clay of all things.
What a waste of MY time!
 I mean glue, cornflour, vinegar and baby oil are hardly tasty!


September 13th 2013

d is for deer ...
... OK so I was only planning on doing my
a, b and c
someone very kindly gave my hooman these pieces of (Scottish) antler for me and I couldn't resist the title (although it really should be a for antler!)
I love chewing antlers.
They are supposed to be safer than chewing rawhide and I guess better than chewing bottle tops and plastic pegs BOL
x Thank you for the gift x


September 12th 2013

c is for can

Sometimes the hooman's can be a bit slow on the uptake, I mean what has a dog got to do to get a drink around here?
I'll just help myself to the leftovers!
Normally this makes them click that my water bowl is empty!!!


September 10th 2013

a is for apple
This is what's left of the apple from yesterday's photo shoot.
Who knew that I liked apples?!?
And you know what they say?
"An apple a day keeps the vet well away"


September 9th 2013

Back to school
So all the baby hooman's have gone back to school.
My question is ... when do I start?


September 8th 2013

green paws?
Well either I got these gardening OR picking my nose OR chasing my ball.
I'll leave you to decide ...


September 7th 2013

D'omelettes for dinner!
A special omelette made especially for me!
Kibble and cheese!!


September 6th 2013

Look! I got a boo-boo on my chin!
Someone call a medic!


September 5th 2013

Why can't dogs climb trees?
So this doesn't look like a picture of me, but I'm there. Honest!
While playing with my ball, in the scrub within the basin, I spied a cat.
It had long since spied me and stood on tiptoes, back arched and it's black fur standing up.
My ball was thrown past it and as I went to chase the ball, this cat thought I was going after it and leaped at me before racing up this tree!!!
My heart skipped a beat, I became the hunter, deciding in that split second that the cat was much more fun than my ball. Not that I'd quite know what to do with it if I did catch it BOL
Suddenly I was leaping up that tree like a demented baboon! Luckily for the cat, I could only reach a few feet and I leaped back down and to save my dignity, danced around the tree instead!
This went on for a few minutes before my hooman's decided I was in danger of hurting myself
(haha not the cat - he was as safe as houses up there!)
and put me back on my lead. Then I had to search for my ball, lost in all the excitement.
The kitty stayed up in the tree as I was hauled off in disgrace.
I just hope in hindsight that it wasn't Cola


September 4th 2013

Look before I leap?
Or as it should really be called ...
... look before you throw!!!
You see it was great fun jumping in and racing through the stream to fetch the ball,
I had to jump down a concrete step, wade through the water to get my ball, race around through a field, round a gate, under a fence and back round to my hooman's soooo they could throw it again.
As the cows moo-ved in closer, we moo-ved into the next field and followed the stream.
(see what I did there moo-ved ... get it??? Moved? *shrugs*)
Anyywayys ...
moo-ving on swifty ...
So there was I, happily retrieving my ball, jumping in and out of the water when suddenly I hit mud.

And my ball was lost.
Now I LOVIES my ball more than life itself so there was absolutely no way I was leaving it to wallow in that mud for ever ...
... seriously my pic does not do it justice.
Covered in the stuff was I BOL
But I found my ball *grins*
Have to share this pic here ...



September 3rd 2013

turning the table
Remember this place?
(Did I fool you with the different viewpoint?)
Back again to see the vet for my last injection, I was very brave and took it like a man but then 'cos the mix hadn't mixed, I had to have a second one.
Ouch! I felt that one!!!
Nearly had the vet's hand off BOL
Sorry James *shrugs*
No vet was harmed in the making of this non-motion picture *grins*


September 2rd 2013

Showing me the ropes

Here it is. The rope!

September 1st 2013

Am I too early?
I'm dreaming of a white Christmas ...
... ok, ok, so it IS too early
only 113 days to go!!!