July 31st 2013

lovely weather for ducks

Today it rained and rained and rained.


July 30th 2013

lazy bones
I'm NOT being lazy.
I'm merely having an early night as 
the early bird catches the worm

the early dog catches the postman



July 29th 2013

sink or swim?
OK I object!
This is a set up - a photo opportunity - nuffin' more.
I am not dirty.
I have not rolled in duck poo or goose sh*t.
I do not smell.
Why oh why am I being forced into having a bath? 
(Or more correctly a sink?)
Oh yes. Nuffin' more than a publicity stunt.
Forget Wet Willie. Meet Wet Lou eee.


July 28th 2013

before Banksy?
Graffiti. Not to everyone's taste.
But work by the infamous street artist Banksy seems to be hot property.
So much so that his works of art keep going missing.
The latest one to be removed for 'restoration' (auction?) is a piece called No Ball Games.
The piece I am posing in front of has no name.
It certainly isn't a Banksy.
It is certainly NOT worth a million.
I, on the other paw, am priceless!!!


July 27th 2013

Heavy rain

Not very clear from this pic but it is raining.
No lightening, no thunder, just very HEAVY rain.


July 25th 2013

This WAS a football.
the bets were on to see how long it'd last.
A minute? Two?
I managed to play with it for 5 minutes before cornering it and bursting it.
Fun Fun FUN!!


July 23rd 2013

I don't do lettuce!
Leftover salad really isn't my cup of tea.


July 22rd 2013

Does my butt look big in this? 
There is something under the kitchen units of interest.
My hooman knows it's there.
I know it's there.
I have even tried to crawl under to rescue it ...
... but it is way out of my reach.
Maybe one day I'll be able to show you what it is.


July 21st 2013

culvert operation
What the heckers is this?
A stone kennel?
A tunnel to the pet food factory?


July 20th 2013

Box of Shame

We watched a movie today.
Can you guess which one???

reveal here!

NB No dog was harmed in the taking of this photograph


July 19th 2013


We're going camping!

Hope the hooman's don't forget the important things . . .

food √
tennis ball √
bowl √
bed √
 more food √



July 18th 2013

bow wow
Never mind this picture ...
... check out THIS picture!!!
Our temperature rose to over 40°C in the afternoon*
Well at least until the sun went in and this dropped to nearer 30.
*thermometer in direct sunlight



July 15th 2013

Dandy lying clock
Supposedly if you blow the fluffy seeds from the head of a dandelion,
depending on the number of blows it takes, it equals the time.
It so doesn't work. I mean, I only took 3 attempts to rid the clock of it's seeds and it had gone six.
Go figure!!! 


July 14th 2013

digging to Australia

After exhausting my hooman with all that strenuous ball throwing, I carried on my game on my own back in our garden.
Left to my own devices I got a bit carried away.
Check out the hole I began to dig, my black tongue and my ball thick with mud!


July 13th 2013

Only mad dogs and Englishmen
Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun.
This is me paddling in the river to cool off on another 'epic' walk.


July 12th 2013

Shudda gone to ...
Long or short sighted. You decide!


July 11th 2013

It's gate 'ere innit?
A later than late walk but it was still warm and sunny!!


July 10th 2013

Upside down
There's a new craze in town.
Forget Baby Mugging ... the next BIG thing apart from my ego is upside down dogs
featuring on the website bearing the same name.
Of course my hooman had to jump on the band wagon!!!
So the idea is to photo us dogs upside down and grinning - my hooman took this standing on her head. Believe me she wasn't grinning BOL
Not sure that's quite the idea ... but still!


July 9th 2013

dragged through a hedge
So sometimes my hooman's get a tad carried away with the ball throwing and send it hurtling through the hedge.
Does that in any way deter me from retrieving it?
Does it hellas like BOL


July 7th 2013

Feeling tired too! 

So what are the chances?
In the middle of nowhere and we come across MORE tyres!
Instead of just dumping them, this farmer has utilised them into a rather trendy barrier.


July 6th 2013

water bomb
I love to plunge into water when I get too hot from chasing my tennis ball.
This is me chasing after it fresh from the stream, while it's still soaking wet!



July 4th 2013

Fourth of July
Wishing all my friends in the USA a Happy Fourth of July


July 3rd 2013

The ball was OUT

 Call the umpire - this cannot be fair?
The ball was OUT of my reach!
You cannot be serious


July 1st 2013

Grand Slam

 So the giant tennis ball is no more . . .