May 30th 2013

getting plastered
Ok a jokey pic to show the wall has been repaired.


May 29th 2013

Pup in a Cup
Oh dear another internet craze!
A bit like planking, breading etc
So here's me ... apparently in a cup


May 28th 2013

Naff title
Nice pizza
Nuff said!


May 27th 2013

The great escape
Ok not such a great escape as a great return!
This is me crawling back through a fence after losing my ball whilst playing.
The shadows make it look like my ribs are showing
like I'm half dog half zebra


May 26th 2013

Dig this!
Another unusual geocache
A concrete mole!
Do you dig it!!!
Oh and that PINK lead again
(I will tell the story behind it one day)


May 25th 2013

hanging around
This is me chomping down on my toy
No dog or toy was harmed in the taking of this photograph
That was the small print
And a little white lie
I ... errr ... have a slight confession.
I totally obliterated the stuffie afterwards BOL


May 24th 2013

look what they've done to my wall, ma ...
So while I was locked away in another room ...
look what happened in the hallway.
Someone stole all the plaster!


May 23rd 2013

under attack
It is May, supposedly spring, nearly summer
yet today our crazy weather
gave us sun, rain and sleet!!!
Boy does that stuff hurt when it bounces off your head!


May 22rd 2013

let me in!
Excuse me, can someone let me in?
Stooopid automatic doors!


May 21st 2013

seeking bluebells
A while ago we past this woodland and discovered the tell-tale leaves of the common bluebell Hyacinthoides non-scripta so today we decided to return and see if they had flowered.


May 19th 2013

Incy wincy
A rather unusual geocache!
Hopefully this is never muggled - imagine if you came across this by accident


May 18th 2013

The problem with having a short muzzle
is reaching the very bottom of the beaker.


May 16th 2013

In with cuckoos
Midwalk, on the homeward stretch, I stopped for a rest.
Sitting amongst these cuckoo flowers
Cardamine pratensis
So named as it flowers when the cuckoos call.
In Austria it is thought you'll get bitten by an adder if you pick it,
In Germany it is thought your house will be struck by lightening if it is brought indoors.
Thankfully we disproved these superstitions
*crosses toes behind back*


May 15th 2013

pas de chein
Forget Gangham Style
Forget the Harlem Shake
Ignore the pas de chat
The pas de chein is the way to go ...


May 14th 2013

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.
Which toy shall I pick?


May 13th 2013

grasp the mettle

This is me on the edge of the nettle patch awaiting the hoomans to retrieve my ball that I've headed into it - I need to grasp the mettle and maybe go in myself.

Nah to risky!

Notice the pool of drool dripping from my mouth.



May 11th 2013

On tip toe
So pic of the day was all set up when I stopped posing to look over my
photographer's shoulder to see back down the path.
Look! I'm leaning out on tip toes!!!
It was supposed to be 'No Snow' referring to the blossom on the wet path.
See the ducklings we spotted!
Cute but not as cute as me BOL



May 6th 2013

Stick Stuck
After spending a long day playing by the river
(with my picture of the day sorted!)
Look what happened on the way home ...
... this stick got wedged in my collar.
How embarrassing!


May 5th 2013

End of the Line
So yesterday's walk took us along a disused canal ...
... and today saw us wondering along this old railway line.
Somewhere we even found a red herring!!!


May 4th 2013

Bridge over no water
Can you spot me?!?
Today we went for another 'epic' walk and walked along this disused canal.
This is an old lock where I dropped my ball down and when my hooman asked where it was, I kept racing to look over the edge - giving them a 'heart attack' BOL
Luckily they clicked what I was trying to 'tell 'em' and they went the safe way round to rescue it.


May 2rd 2013

window 'hopping

There was a time when I was scared to death to walk to the back of the petshop
but that all changed when I discovered that is where they keep the rabbits!

Now I like to pull my hooman's to go see them!