April 29th 2013

Artist's Muse

This is a painting of ... well can you guess?
Handsome isn't he?!?
With special thanks to Leo and to see more of his mom's work


April 28th 2013

Homeward bound
Halfway through what turned out to be an 8 mile walk
(or run in my case!)


April 27th 2013

I got mail
A parcel for me???
I'm so excited!!!
Thank you Leo x


April 26th 2013

Half Time
Today we found another ball and I spent ages chasing after it.
Great fun but also very tiring.
Time for a breather!


April 25th 2013

Decisions, decisions
Which one shall I play with?
They may look all the same to you but I can tell the difference!
If my hooman's try to fool me by throwing a second ball during a game, I still know which one was the original and retrieve that. If only I had a bigger mouth I could hold two ... or maybe three.


April 24th 2013

Oh dear!
Not just the rabbits eating the farmer's crops!
I merely had a nibble ...


April 23rd 2013

No dragons
Today is St Georges Day
The national day of England.
So on all the other national days I have tried to search for the national emblem.
I guess our emblem is the red rose or the lion ...
but I have found the flag and that'll have to do
There is NO WAY on earth I am looking for a dragon
(unless it is the fruit of course!)

April 22rd 2013

New toy???
So after all these long walks, my hooman's brought me this new toy.
Supposedly they fill it with water and it opens up into a bowl so I can drink on the go
(not while I'm walking - sadly it doesn't have a straw!)
I, on the other paw, decided it made a far better chew toy.
Now it has so many holes in it - it is good for nuffin *winks*


April 21st 2013

Sun, sea and a tennis ball
What more could any dog ask for?
A hooman to throw that ball!!!


April 20th 2013

5 a Day?
I'm sure this teenie tiny tomato will count towards my 5-a-day!
You know tomatoes are actually a fruit - not a vegetable?
Well these are called cherry tomatoes just incase you forget!!!


April 19th 2013



Who would have thought the solar system could be bottled?

Totally out of this world!


April 18th 2013

monkey business
Look what I found buried in my toybox -
my cheeky monkey!
It was a Christmas present sent all the way from America by my pal Leo
It is still playing it's tune too ... well for now!


April 16th 2013

The duvet exploded!
Well you see, I was just laying here on the bed,
minding my own business ...
... next thing you know the duvet just exploded!
Whatya know?!?


April 15/04/13

Stepping Stones
Haha I have revisited these stones finally!
I was last here well over a year ago when THIS happened

 Yeppers! I fell in!

Totally the hooman's fault not mine

It was! Honest!

To cut a long story short - my lead ran out!

And as if I fell in this time? Moi? Nah!



April 13th 2013

Caught midcatch with my ear tucked back and showing my broken tooth.


April 12th 2013

I'm an eggspert on fine cuisine, well in all honesty, any cuisine ...
but the more eggstreme the better!
Tonight the hooman's eggceeded themselves and cooked soft-boiled eggs which were eggcellent!
They eggstracted every bit of them eggcept the shell
I eggsamined the eggsausted eggshells to see if I could eggscavate any more from inside
but had to make do with the eggstraordinarily empty shells.
An eggceedingly stupid idea apparently?
.... eggsactly what you were thinking?
That's all yolks!!!


April 11th 2013

Sherbet fountain
A sherbet fountain-esque toy
stuffed with fluff rather than liquorice and sherbet

Attention span ... 5 minutes
State of toy after play ... still in one piece
Improvements? ... it needs a squeak


April 10th 2013

Hundred posts
My hundredth post ...
only another 200 and ...
*counts on toes*
to go!!!


April 7th 2013

If you go down to the woods today ...
... you're sure of a big surprise!

No teddy bears ...

... our surprise was finding more pockets of snow despite a week of fairly warm temperatures.
We thought it would all be long melted away by now!
 Great for cooling off in again after chasing my ball none stop *grins*
We also found a dead fox today, just further up from these woods.
No obvious sign of any injury (it's close to a busy road) or any gunshot wounds (although we have seen some 'yuffs' with air rifles up here in the past so who knows?)
 I wasn't really interested in it - it was much more exciting smelling out the rabbits - although my hooman's did note I am pretty much the same size as the fox was!


April 6th 2013

Racing Stripes
No I'm NOT changing into a zebraaaaaaa ...
this is my nod towards the Grand National held today at Ainstree
Horse racing/zebra racing?
Get it?
Finishing ... Post!!!


April 5th 2013

Barking up the right tree
Not just squirrels who hide in trees.


April 4th 2013

Dressed in the Dark?
Certainly looks like I have been.
I won't divulge which HOOMAN was responsible for this effort.
Well maybe for a few kibbles ... *smirks*


April 3rd 2013

Cooling Off
Today my hooman's gave me free rein (albeit on a lead!) to go wherever I chose on my walk ... their 'planned' destination went out the window as they followed me in totally the opposite direction!
As I led them up, down, along, across and around ... and back again ...
 ... our route from A to B
Where's the P I hear you ask?
Well I stopped to christen every lamp post too!
So we ended up out of town
Where every other man and his dog were out and about making the most of the sunny weather
(and who can blame them after the months of cold)
Where I played ball and got too hot.
(the hooman's kept throwing it down a steep slope)
So hot that I had to stop in this last remaining patch of snow
(well glorified ice really)
And even ate some to quench my thirst


April 2rd 2013

Hot Diggity Dog
OMD! This is the best thing ever!
(well after squeaking tennis balls and sliced bread!)
A ball that speaks!
It comes out with super-cute* phrases such as
"hot diggity dog"
"I'm gonna get you"
Nah nah nah nah nah"
"Come here puppy"
"Woof woof woof"
"Get outta here"
It is fun with a capital F
The only problem is it is made of hard (durable) plastic which makes it even more noisy when being bashed into the skirting boards etc. Hence playtime is rationed indoors!
* My hooman's words not mine


April 1st 2013


Dear Reader!

I bring you exciting news!
I have been chosen to test out the 1Dog™

1Dog™ I hear you cry?

Well my friends, the 1Dog™ device is still in development, consisting of a transmitter that attaches to your back, a controller device and the all important recharger.

So what does the 1Dog™ do?

Well the concept is amazing!

It controls your hooman via radio waves transmitted at the press of a button.

Imagine being able to control your hooman's every move - every second of the day.

No longer will not having opposable thumbs be considered a hindrance.

A click of a button will send the hooman scuttling off to open a can of food for you
Or grab the leash and take you out for a walk
Or bake you up a batch of dog-friendly-chocolate-chip-cookies

The possibilities are endless!

Where can I buy one?

Unfortunately at this moment in time the 1Dog™ is not available for general sale
but the inventor Mr O'Lou hopes this will rectified in the near future

Watch this space!

You heard it here first!!

World Domination is only a paw press away