March 31st 2013

Hopping over snowdrifts

Easter is usually associated with spring lambs, bunnies, eggs and sunshine.
But snow?
That's a first ...
Happy White Easter


March 30th 2013

Close Encounter?
Spooky things were apaw on our walk today.
I was standing, minding my own business when out of nowhere ...
... well see for yourself!
Blinding isn't it?
Someone call Mulder and Scully


March 29th 2013

One a Penny
It's Good Friday today
Time for Hot Cross Buns.


March 28th 2013

Blaming Brody
So no dawg can be good all of the time.
We have to test the boundaries
(and I'm not talking edge-of-garden fences here!)
Push, pull ... and stretch those boundaries to their limits
Ignore those DO NOTS
(and make them into HOPE I GET AWAY WITH THISES instead)
And under the guidence of Brody
(and to make his hooman's feel not 'so alone')
I have learnt that not everything you chew on has to be food.
This is me chewing up plastic pegs I have borrowed from the wash basket
I also ADORE plastic bottle tops
Neither is particularly good for me
but that 'urge' is there
chew chew chew
(despite the antler/chew toys provided for me!)
N.B : MY hooman planted the unchewed pegs for this pic and I tried to steal away one of those too! And later, once all of those were STOLEN away from ME ... I stole a pen. Touche!!)

Bad Dogs RULE

Now can someone pass me the baby wipes, toy money, ear buds (Q Tips) et al


March 27th 2013

Enemy in Pink
It might look sweet but believe me ...
when this baby is switched on ... you won't see me for dust!!!
What is it about the vacuum?


March 26th 2013

Do Nots
As any dog knows, we LOVE junk food.
If it's good enough for the hoomans, then it's good enough for us.

This especially applies to doughnuts/do-nuts ...  or do nots in my case.

DO NOT beg for food
DO NOT sit on the couch
DO NOT sleep on or in the bed
DO NOT bark at the neighbours
DO NOT get under the hooman's feet
DO NOT leave muddy pawprints on the floor

DO NOT beg for doughnuts

The results speak bark for themselves

Whereas I love doughnuts, I hate the do nots


March 25th 2013

Out for the count
Today has been freezing so I have taken refuge indoors.


March 24th 2013

On target!
Leaping in the snow to catch my ball.
It looks like it is heading for a rather delicate area
it is heading straight downwards.
Thankfully not on target
following the laws of gravity!
Don't ya just love my expression?


March 23rd 2013

Muchly of the white stuff ...
So awoke to see more snow.
Half expected nothing as who trusts the weather man?
After snowing ALL day, it is 3 inches deep and counting ...


March 22rd 2013

After searching all over the house for a tennis ball and not finding one ...
I found them ALL outside.
Huh! Time for a stocktake ...
one ...
two ...
Oh and it's snowing AGAIN. Yucky wet, mushy snow.


March 21st 2013

My hooman's have noticed that my originally jet-black nose has changed colour over the past few months and now has a brownish tip.
Broogle (tm) suggested that it might be the change of temperature over winter
drinking/feeding out of stainless steel bowls.
It is certainly cold here
And my food bowl is made out of steel.
Anyone have any ideas?
I am otherwise healthy.
Maybe Aunt Foley might help ...


March 20th 2013

April Fool?
Sooooo it's not April yet nor is it the first
so which wise guy thought it'd be funny
to post a Mind The Step sign
where there is obviously NO STEP
Haha I will explain about the pink leash in another post *grins*


March 19th 2013


Apologies for the slight blur ... I moved just at the crucial moment bol
I wonder who taught me to blow raspberries?
Naming no names ... Hattie ... *winks*


March 18th 2013

Rain deer

The weather cannot make up it's mind
Yesterday we had snow (huge flakes but it didn't settle), today more rain.
Best to stay indoors!
This is me munching into a deer antler.
I love these, they were recommended and are much safer than rawhide chews
They also last much longer.
A win win situation!


March 17th 2013

Lá Fhéile Pádraig
Today is St.Patrick's Day.
No hope of finding shamrocks here but I did find this one!
Does it count?


March 16th 2013

Butter wouldn't Melt

So today I haven't been the best behaved dog in the world.

But I can still look innocent.

It wasn't me ...


March 15th 2013

Do something funny ...
... for money!!!
Today is Red Nose Day
I know I look grumpy, but you are supposed to do something silly
 to raise cash to help those in need in the UK and Africa.
So I'm wearing boppers.
And get to play with a dino-roar ...


March 14th 2013

I might own one or two toys but spoilt?


March 13th 2013

Extra Time
Surprisingly the abandoned football is still around.
Extra time to play with it!
It won't be 'round' for long!!!


March 12th 2013

Oh dear be warned ... bad humour ahead!
Ok so today we went in search of pastures new old.
 A walk a little further from home to a place we thought would be prettier than it was.
It must only be pretty in summer as today it was muddy and bleak.
In a word it was pants (not the 'pants' in the title but still pants!)
Speaking of 'pants' ... I got this picture taken of me panting for my POTD.
I am also wearing my harness.
(Last warning of bad humour ahead)
Which my hooman says looks like a letter Y
A letter Y on my front
(anyone clicked yet?)
A Y Front
or in a word PANTS
For anyone not in the know, Y fronts are otherwise known as Jockeys
(Homer Simpson-esque briefs)
I did warn you it was BAD humour.


March 11th 2013

finders keepers

It has been snowing on and off all day so during one such flurry,
I persuaded my hooman's to take me out in it to play.
Well while we were playing fetch, we spied an abandoned football.
Now I have a habit of finding footballs where ever I go and normally I like to rip into them.
But today I wasn't really interested and much preferred my tennis ball.

Although I did try to play with them both ...

... two at a time, baby!!!


March 10th 2013

Best in Show
This post is a nod to Crufts the largest dog show in the world.
It is for pedigree dogs of all breeds.
Unfortunately I am not one of the breeds they recognised
I am still worthy of being BIS (Best in Show)
Yeah baby *grins*


March 9th 2013

a sticky situation
Because it was another rainy day, there was no ball throwing today. Boo!!!
My hooman's deem it to be yucky having to touch a soaking wet (and muddy) tennis ball
But my hooman did throw this stick for me - still wet but not as muddy.
Go figure!
I got bored after three goes and was far too interested in my surroundings
for my hooman to relax (I am a devil at recall if I lose my concentration)


March 8th 2013

Watchful in the Rain
Ok who goes there?
Seriously, this is me in the rain ... being nosy.
What else can I say?!?


March 7th 2013

'Like a pup in a petshop'
I'll take one of these, one of those and ... who am I kidding?
I'll take the lot!!


March 6th 2013

I'm washing my paws ... geez ... can't a guy get some privacy round here?


March 4th 2013

New balls!
So in the last week I have lost a few of my balls
Make of that what you will
But today I got 3 brand new tennis balls
Cool huh?


March 3rd 2013

Today I went on my first 'epic' walk of the year.
An epic walk is one where we cover lots of miles and it takes several hours to complete.
Today I chased 1 tennis ball
Took two drink stops
Ran off leash free (three!)
Shared 4 pictures
5 gold rings! (sorry couldn't resist!)
Was walking for 6 hours
And covered over 7 miles
Seriously! I am dog tired.


March 2rd 2013

get stuck in
You know there must be easier ways to get the last morsels out of this snack pot ...


March 1st 2013

In search of golden daffodils
Dydd Gŵyl Dewi
It is St David's Day today.
So I dragged my hooman's off to search for the Welsh National emblems.
The only daffodils we found were not in flower
 and although I did take plenty of leaks ... I am sure, in this case, that doesn't count!
The only flowers we found were these snowdrops and the hellebores in the background.

February 28th 2013

If you go down to the woods today ...
... you're sure of a big surprise!!!
My hooman's participate in an unusual hobby using billion dollar technology
to find tupperware-esque boxes hidden across the countryside.
This is one such container!!!
It actually oinked!!
... want it, want it ... want it ...