February 27th 2013

First steps
Ok soooo I mastered steps when I was knee high to a grasshopper
The title instead, refers to a new game I invented tonight.
I perch above the doorstep
drop my ball down it and wait for my hooman to pass it back to me
or lob it back down the hallway depending on their mood - great fun!!!
Maybe more fun for me then them *winks*


February 26th 2013

After a busy day there is nuffing like flaking out on the bed.
There is no hard or fast rule into where the best place is to sleep
or bottom,
left ... right
or dead centre
The bed (not the world) is your oyster!
The only rule worth remembering though
is to get there earlier than the hooman's to steak stake your claim
on the best spot before they do!
x Night All x


February 25th 2013

Sorry can't stop, just on my way out for my walk.
Sending a BIG shoutout to Brody
Hope you get better soon
xx Glad the surgery went OK xx
Lovies you



February 23rd 2013

Bone of Contentment
I have exchanged contention for contentment.
Comfy sofa. All mine. Equals one contented dog!!!


February 22rd 2013

I wanna be ...
... a 'well known brand of toilet paper' puppy!!!
Oh dear the things I am being made to do in the name of POTD
And a note to those labradors ... watch your backs as I am hot on your trail.

February 21st 2013

Tongue Twister
Ok so sometimes the hooman's torment me by hiding food in this toy.
Tonight's challenge was scrambled egg!


February 20th 2013

Another technique I use to prolong a game of ball is The Look ...
... and The Whine and The Tail Wag
A combination of all these things helps the game last longer.

I'm hard to resist ...

February 19th 2013

I have trained my hooman's to throw a ball for me to chase after.
This is a game I could play for hours at a time - without growing tired - but sadly they seem to grow bored of it after only a few minutes.
I need to work on their stamina!
It is amusing to hear their reaction if I catch the ball.
Something I do to try to keep their interest.
They say things like
 'clever boy' 'well done' 'good job'
Makes them feel like they are in control.
I know better ...


February 18th 2013

... Fussy!
I'm sure I've moaned about being fed kibble before.
If I haven't. I should have.
It might be made with all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals etc a growing pup needs
it is boring eating the same flavoured/coloured/dry biscuit
over and over and over again.
Every mealtime
Every day
Every week
Every month
Well the hooman's sure don't soooo why should us dogs put up with this?
Sometimes I get leftovers.
These comprise of whatever the hooman's don't eat, don't like etc
I guess it is better than nuffing. Livening up an otherwise monotonous meal!
So when I get leftovers, I tend to nose the biscuit out of my bowl in favour of the tastier food.
Clever huh???


February 17th 2013

Dirty Rascal
I'm the king of the castle ...
Ok so even though the weather has been dry for the last couple of days
the ground is still very muddy in places and guess who got his paws all dirty???


February 16th 2013

Places to be ... people to see

Another sunny day so I dragged my hooman's out on a walk to make the most of the mild weather.
My hooman's were in a rush as they'd arranged to see a man about a dog so I got moaned at each time I stopped to sniff
 ... and boy, there were lots to sniff ...
and other dogs!!!


February 12th 2013

Pancake Day
Pancake day/Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras depending on which side of the pond you are on,  fall on the day before Ash Wednesday and traditionally is a time to eat up before the fasting of the Christian period of Lent.
If there is one thing I can do well it is EAT!!!
This is me using up the fat to make pancakes ... and getting covered in flour in the process.
Bring on the golden syrup!!!


February 11th 2013

Yet More Snow!
Awoke to more snow, this is me out in the garden first thing!!!


February 10th 2013

Look Out!

The walk I had planned for my hoomans was rained off so I managed to drag them round the river instead, they made the mistake of 'trusting' me off the leash so I was able to 'chase' the ducks.
Now my hooman's tried to stop this behaviour when I was a pup by sitting me down and letting me watch the ducks waddling past me etc but despite this, today I found it fun to 'chase' the ducks into the water ... I drew the line at getting MY paws wet though!!!

February 9th 2013

Fire Hog
Well what do you expect?
It's freezing outside and in here ... I demand the hottest spot in the house!
I'm a VIP
(very important pet)


February 8th 2013

Talk to the Paw
Ok, ok, enough is enough.
Talk to the paw.


February 7th 2013

This is Me
Well you got me. It's me.
Guilty as charged.


February 6th 2013

After a few days respite, suddenly it has turned cold again.
I was shivering waiting for the hooman beans to throw my ball.
Quit taking pics and do your job ... throw the ball!!!


February 5th 2013

Does it breathe fire?
What the heck is this?
Smells OK, seems to be dead ... sleeping maybe?
A dragon fruit?
Does it breathe fire?
Quite tasty actually, my hooman was quite suprised that I liked it and even begged for more.


February 4th 2013

Watcha mean it's bedtime?
Ok so my hooman's might be a bit tired and ready to sleep but it doesn't mean I am.
Wanna play?


Febuary 1st 2013

Stick with Me

 Oh my dawg! What is that golden glow in the sky?
Do I spy sunshine?
Get your coat, you've pulled!!!
No snow, no rain ... RESULT
First proper walk of the year ... I judge a 'proper' walk as one that is longer than an hour, one where I just don't get dragged around the block. A walk which seems to go on forever ...
Now I also LOVE epic walks ... I'll explain those when I get one!!!
My pic today is quite rare (and not just because of the sunshine) as I am fetching a stick.
I don't 'do' sticks usually, I am usually a 100% tennis ball kind of guy but on the odd occassion when the hooman's refuse to throw the ball, they sometimes throw a stick ... and it's better than nuffing.
I suppose ... *sighs*