January 31st 2013

Dress-Down Furs-Day

Ok I may look a little startled in this pic ... kinda like a rabbit caught in the headlights ... but this is my serious expression!!!
A nod towards an article I read today here
But don't think this is the first time I have been dressed up, I am an old paw at this game but that's another story tail

January 30th 2013

Proof you don't need to eat carrots to see in the dark.


January 29th 2013

Play Time
This is me waiting for the hooman-bean to throw my ball.
This is my favourite past time and I would quite happily spend HOURS chasing, fetching and retrieving it.
Pity the two-legs don't have the same stamina.


January 28th 2013

Watch Dog
Today was interesting as an intruder dared to enter my home but I wasn't allowed to see them off.
Instead I was only permitted to follow them around and watch them at work.


January 27th 2013

40 Winks

Yet ANOTHER picture of me half asleep.
Come on. Every dog deserves a lazy Sunday.


January 26th 2013

Time Out!!

There comes a time when your hooman declares you are getting under their feet and lock you out while they do what ever they were doing without YOU.
Someone phone my attorney.
I demand to be involved.
this is sooooo not fair.


January 25th 2013

Burns Night
Traditionally a Scottish celebration to honour the poet Robert Burns.
As I'm just a dog I'll let you find out more about the man himself but needless to say I'll take the food on offer. Not the tradition fair of haggis, neeps and tatties here but a nod in the right direction with a Scotch Pie.
As if I got to eat any of the pie (too much salt) but I got a helping of the peas and tatties.


January 23rd 2013

I love balloons
There was a time when my hoomans first got me that they thought I was scared of balloons.
It all came about when we happened across one while out on a walk. There it was, bright orange and rolling about wildly on the ground before me.
Lets face it, if you have never seen a bright orange, 'rubber' bag of cold air before it does come as a little bit of a shock. Especially in the middle of nowhere.
But after a few tentative sniffs later I decided I should just ... well ... ignore it.
Oh how I regret that decision now!
If only I realised then what I know now
what fun they are to
That balloon wouldn't have known what had popped it bol

January 22rd 2013

The world would be a better place if we all just hugged each other more.
OK so I am about to rip into this stuffie at any minute but the sentiment was there.


January 21st 2013

Ok so this has to be some sort of joke right? I mean what idiots invented a dog coat with a hood?
In theory it seems a good idea but NOT when the damn thing covers up your eyes so you cannot see a thing!!
Where do I go for a refund?
I am trying to look tough beneath here - you see that don't you?


January 20th 2013

Giant Snowball
So I found this GIANT GIANT GIANT snowball while on my late night walk.
Look at me! I look like on of those elephants that balance on a beach ball.
'cept I can't roll this one.
Oh and it's snowing again ... 4 inches and getting deeper.


January 19th 2013

Find It
Ok so looking for a snow covered tennis ball is like hunting for a needle in a haystack.
Bare with! Bare with! I'll sniff it out soon.

January 18th 2013

Look at how deep this snow has got!
 I have suddenly developed an interested in it as I have learnt a new game.
I drop my ball in it and then paw it backwards through the snow.
Such fun!


January 16th 2013

Hey another boring day - this is me proving I can navigate the stairs.
Next I'll be driving a car.
Am I the only dog that matches their hooman's carpets?


January 15th 2013

Sit, Stay
Ok so nothing exciting happened today but I promised a picture a day and here it is.
Not very exciting but hey, life can be very limiting when you're a dog!
Especially when the weather is bad outside and not even the LOOK can propmt the hoomans to take you out into the cold for more than a brisk walk outside.
I can sit but the stay bit I tend to pretend I don't understand *grins*


January 14th 2013

So my hoomans found this little lot for next to no kibble, which equals one very happy me.
The boxes contain semi-dried chicken pieces which are meant for a treat.
I'm not sure of what rations I'm supposed to have (I pretend I can't read) but I have managed to polish off a whole pack already. Delicious!!!
These certainly get my stamp of approval.


January 13th 2013

First Snow
The weather forecast was right at last and this morning I awoke to find it had snowed!
Now I have seen snow before and it doesn't really excite me ... but add a tennis ball to the mix and I'm about as excited as I'm going to get!
Now throw that damn ball!!!


January 12th 2013

So the tasty contents of the hamper have been replaced by one smelly, hairy hound.
And it don't look at all happy bol


January 11th 2013

Oh Please!
This is me using the ol' brown eyes trick to get my own way.
Did it work?
well ... du'h ... of course it worked!!!


January 10th 2013

Face Gurning
Just some of the stoooopid expressions I pull during the course of the day ... 


January 9th 2013

Slobber Chops
So this is me giving a hooman a hairwash ... gotta check they wash behind the ears too!


January 8th 2013

Too Muddy
Oh dear this really looks like I'm squatting for a - but I'm not, I promise - as if I'd let the hoomans catch me in the act of - well never mind!
After persuading them to take me out we headed up to the hill across town but it was far too wet and muddy to proceed (well that was their excuse not to go up) so we ended up playing ball at the bottom.
Roll on summer.


January 7th 2013

For anyone who doesn't know what a cracker is, it isn't a savoury biscuit (mores the pity) in this case but a tube of brightly foiled cardboard that the hooman's insist on pulling apart on Christmas Day before they start to eat their dinner.
It contains a snap (makes a noise when the cracker is pulled in two), a novelty of dubious quality, a paper hat and a joke (traditionally of an unfunny nature)
I think the hoomans are crackers for wanting their dinner to go cold while they pull them but that's just me. Right?


January 6th 2013

Twelve Night
Traditionally the day when my hoomans take down the Christmas decorations, in the believe it is bad luck to leave them up any longer. Stupid if you ask me but then having a plastic tree in the house is stupid too.
I love the idea, I mean it is freezing outside so an indoor toilet would be regarded as a luxury in most dog's eyes but no, they have to spoil it by saying it is for 'decoration' only.
That's really not fair as they have an indoor toilet so why should us dogs be any different???
But it's gone now, boxed up and stuck in the attic (that's a first as last year it spent half the year in the back room, half dismantled, before they finally got fed up with tripping over it and finally packed it away)
So all signs of Christmas have been banished for another year and I'm happy to report that there was considerably less swearing packing it away than there was unpacking it, building it and untangling those blasted lights. Bol!
Still food a plenty in the pantry though ... if only they would share it. 


January 5th 2013

Batman and Robin
Ok I can't explain this post 'cept my hooman thought it'd look 'cute' getting me to pose next to a stuffed pretend robin.
Hmmmm - there must be a law against this.


January 4th 2013

Water Sports
I live and breathe tennis balls, they are my life.
I don't mind what colour or size, how they roll or how they bounce - I'll take them all.
The silliest game I play is to drop them into the bath and watch them roll - then sit and whine for one of the hoomans to come rescue it. I have them well-trained! 


January 3rd 2013

Let sleeping dogs lie, but as you can see, I am never off duty.You might think I am sleeping but I am just resting my eyelids. I am ready to spring into action at the slightest sign of trubble or much more likely the opening of a packet.


January 2nd 2013

So what is it with you hoomans? You feed us dogs the most unappetising food imaginable, either wet mush out of a tin or little dried lumps of 'kibble' that looks like - ok I won't post what I think it looks like but believe me, us dogs would rather have what you guys are having!
Take these sausage rolls for instance, they might be bad for me, but boy do they smell good.
Well I have a little secret, I licked one of them.
I know, you know but neither of us can be sure which one right?
Soooo you're gonna share 'em with me aren't you?


January 1st 2013

Turning over a new leaf
Welcome to my first post, it shows me posing next to a calendar sent to me by a very special dog on the other side of the world. Nudge nudge, wink wink!
Yes I'm a dog, what's wrong with that? You hoomans think you OWN the web and social networking but not any more ... I mean, it's time for me to come out of my doghouse to bark my life to the world!
Picture by picture, day by day ... month by month ... until well ... ermmm ... until I get bored I guess!
Gotta run - I have a lamp post or two to sniff bol
Wishing you all a Happy New LOU Year.
(bol : bark out loud)